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What Is Natural Disaster Insurance, and Why Do You Need It?

natural disaster insurance

The best way to avoid an emergency is to prepare for it. We see floods, hurricanes, and wildfires on the news, and we pray that our homes will never face those risks. As much as we hope and prepare, getting natural disaster insurance will go a long way.

The problem with most standard homeowners insurance policies is they won’t cover enough. In the case of a natural disaster, they might not cover anything. A broken window is one thing, but if your whole house needs rebuilding, this could bankrupt you.

It’s crucial to research what natural disaster insurance options are available. It will make a huge difference as long as you get one that fits your needs and region. When it comes to Illinois, flooding is a more common occurrence than many think so it’s worth it.

Read on for a guide to natural disaster insurance and why you need it.

The Importance of Insurance

Many people have a negative view of insurance in general. It can seem unnecessary to pay for something that might never happen. That said, playing it by ear is a terrible idea.

The reason for this is home repairs and renovations are usually quite costly. Fixing a broken window or repairing damage to your roof isn’t easy. You can imagine how much higher these costs might go in the case of a large-scale disaster, such as a flood or fire.

The reason you should get home insurance is to protect your home. This does more than cover your physical assets, as it helps you secure the place your family calls home. It’s especially important to protect yourself from natural disasters.

Getting full property coverage with your insurance policy is crucial. Natural disasters are destructive, deadly, and more common than you’d think in Illinois. Don’t skimp out or leave it to chance.

Losing your home is devastating enough, but it will feel worse if you don’t have insurance. Make sure you look into getting comprehensive coverage. You don’t want to get left up the creek without a paddle.

What Natural Disaster Insurance Is

Natural disaster insurance, also known as catastrophe insurance, is a particular type of coverage. Different policyholders will treat it differently, but a few things remain constant. They’ll all define what counts as a natural disaster, and what the options are for protection from it.

Natural Disaster Coverage Details

The most commons ones are earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. You can throw tornadoes in there as well. Tornado coverage is usually covered by most standard homeowner insurance, though.

It’s crucial to determine how prone your area is to disasters like hurricanes. This factor will affect what kind of coverage is available and the cost. If your area gets a lot of tornados, for example, it can be difficult to separate it from storm-related damage.

You might face a higher deductible, or your homeowner’s insurance might not cover a total loss. In such cases, there is something called “special catastrophe insurance.” This will offer more extensive coverage in case a specific natural disaster occurs.

Flooding is another major common disaster for the Feds to get involved. Illinois in particular is a frequent victim of flood damage. At the moment the state stands to benefit from new National Flood Insurance reforms.

It can be hard to know what kind of coverage to get. In general Natural Disaster Insurance covers more than your standard homeowner’s insurance. It should also take the realities of your area into account to offer the coverage that best protects you.

Finally, it’s worth noting that most reputable catastrophe insurance providers include human-made disasters. These are things such as rioting or accidental arson. This is why some prefer the term catastrophe insurance instead of natural disaster.

The Reason You Need Natural Disaster Insurance

The major reason you need natural disaster insurance is, of course, to protect your home. Most of us have homeowners insurance, but this won’t cut it in the case of a major flood or wildfire. Some insurance policies are more generous or comprehensive, but it’s too big a risk.

Sometimes you need something that will cover more than a leaky roof.

You Can’t Rely on Standard Insurance

If your home suffers a total loss due to a major flood or hurricane, your standard insurance won’t be able to help you. It might cover a broken window or some missing shingles due to a hurricane, but not a major restoration. It’s also unlikely to cover the running living costs you’ll incur while your home is out of commission.

Researching natural disaster insurance policies and getting a good one is vital. We’ve all seen how bad some of these natural disasters can get on the national news. At the very least, it will give you peace of mind that any damage you incur will get covered.

You won’t have to fight with the insurance provider about whether your damage gets treated as wind or storm-related. Hurricanes, in particular, can be a major pain to argue over.

Hurricanes are deadly and destructive on their own, but they often come with an attached storm surge. Figuring out how much of the damage to your home was from the hurricane and how much from the storm surge is tricky.

Depending on your insurance policy, you could have your coverage denied.
There have been cases where post-hurricane flooding destroys a home, but a lack of coverage and clarity leads to denied claims. Getting federal flood insurance, especially if you live in a flood-prone area, is highly recommended.

The Importance of Natural Disaster Insurance

Natural disaster insurance is vital to make sure your home is safe and that you’re prepared. In most cases, standard insurance policies won’t protect you when it matters most. To avoid financial ruin and serious stress, looking into the right policies for your area is huge.

Another thing that will make all the difference is a reputable repair company to fix the damage. At Freeman Exteriors we’re fast, reliable, and handle the insurance with ease. No matter what damage you’re facing to your home’s exterior, you can contact us today, and we’ll be there.


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