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10 Things You Should Know About Window Repair

window repair

Are you wondering whether it is time for a window replacement? A window replacement can be expensive, but the good news is that you may only need a window repair. 

It is important not to ignore a broken window. Windows are responsible for around 25%-30% of heat gain and loss in the home. So you want to keep them as efficient as possible to avoid costly utility bills and discomfort. 

Before you opt for a window replacement, you might be able to consider window repair. Read on to learn ten things you should know about window repair. 

1. Window Repair vs. Replacement 

Deciding between window repair or replacement can be a tough choice. But first, it is essential to know the differences between the two services. Window repair is when your current windows are fixed, which may require replacing some window parts. 

In contrast, window replacement is when you get new windows installed. It could be that you need window glass replacement, or it could be the entire window. It is usually a longer and more costly procedure. 

2. Window Repair Is Cheaper 

Usually, window repair is less costly than window replacement. The focus is on how to fix the window, not investing in all the materials needed for window replacement. How much a window repair costs depends on the type of windows you have and the extent of the problem. 

Sometimes you have to determine whether window repair is a long-term solution for your broken window. Sometimes extensive problems will require frequent repairs, in which case a window replacement can work out cheaper. A professional window repair service will be able to advise on your options and provide quotes to help you decide. 

3. Less Preparation and Clean-up 

One benefit of window repair is that it requires less preparation and clean-up than window replacement. You still need to take steps to prepare your home and windows, such as covering belongings and making your home accessible for the window repair service. 

However, the focus is on repairing the specific window issue, not removing all frames and glass for new windows. This means less risk of damage, less preparation, and mess with window repair. You can quickly go back to enjoying your home and newly fixed windows in peace. 

4. Window Repair Is Environmentally Friendly 

Window repair can also be a more environmentally friendly option for your household, depending on the window type and extent of the problem. For example, with proper maintenance, wooden frames can last for hundreds of years, whereas newer window types have shorter lifespans. 

86% of people want a more sustainable world. It can be helpful to think of your environmental impact and how to reduce it. One way might be to opt for window repair if your windows can be fixed and are efficient at helping manage energy use in the home.

There comes a time when window replacement is a more environmentally friendly option than window repair. A professional window repair service will be able to advise on the best option for your broken window. 

5. Feel Comfortable In Your Home 

One of the biggest benefits of window repair is that you will quickly feel comfortable in your home. A broken window can cause drafts, noise pollution, high utility bills, and other health issues such as mold. Feel secure and comfortable in your home by getting window repair. 

6. You Can Repair Broken Glass

Often you can fix a window with broken or cracked glass without the need for an entire window glass replacement. You should only repair or replace glass if you have the expertise and correct tools. Otherwise, you can quickly cause more damage which may lead to safety risks and mean you need window glass replacement instead. 

There is also the risk of making glazier point errors or using too much putty, which could lead to window replacement. It is best to use a professional window repair service to quickly and efficiently deal with cracked or broken glass.

7. Open and Close Windows Again

Another common window repair is when your windows are not opening or closing correctly. Do not dismiss them too soon and presume you need window replacement; window repair may be possible. Various issues can cause malfunctioning windows, including rusty hinges and latches, issues with the sash, or a twisted window frame. 

If you cannot open or close your window, it is a potential fire hazard. And it can also be a safety hazard for other reasons, such as burglary or for children. So, enquire about window repair immediately to feel secure once more in your home. 

8. Fix Casing 

Another common window repair is for exterior window casing. If your casing is loose, rotting, cracked, or missing, it is time to get window repair. Worn casing can lead to more extensive window damage that may lead to window replacement. It is a simple fix that you can try at home or get professional support to change.  

9. Other Types of Window Repair

Do not fear; there are other instances when a window repair is possible. For example, if you have water damage or chipped paint, you may be able to opt for window repair. A professional window service will be able to assess whether it is possible to fix a window or if you need to replace it.

10. Time for Window Replacement 

Some problems require window replacement, not repair. These include excessive damage to your windows, incorrectly fitted windows, and significant water leakage. Window replacement offers the opportunity to upgrade your windows for more secure and energy-efficient options

Professional Window Repair Services

Window repair can be a great alternative to window replacement, but only when appropriate. The best option is to consult with a professional window repair service to assess your problem. Pick a reputable firm, so you can trust their assessment and their expertise in repairing your windows.

Are you looking for window repair or replacement services in Champaign County, Vermilion County, and surrounding areas? Freeman Exteriors is here to help. Contact us today to get a free estimate. 


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