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Drew O.
Drew O.
Dave was awesome and upfront! They did a great job! Would definitely refer to anyone looking for exterior upgrades
Kellie R.
Kellie R.
Trena B.
Trena B.
Freeman Exteriors performed exceptionally well on our house and garage roofing. Their professionalism in coordinating with us and our insurance company was commendable, and they kept us well-informed throughout the entire process. The crew was punctual, arriving fifteen minutes early, and did not waste any time. They took no lunch break and only a brief pause for water, concentrating solely on the task at hand. They functioned together seamlessly like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, they were polite and demonstrated considerable respect for both us and our property. I strongly endorse Freeman Exteriors for quality workmanship.
Rich M.
Rich M.

Roofing Contractor in Danville, IL

It can be a challenging time when you’re getting work done on your roof, windows, or siding. You’re searching for a dependable contractor, figuring out your budget, and breaking from your normal routine. That’s why partnering with a skilled and reliable roofing contractor in Danville, IL, is crucial.

At Freeman Exteriors, we strive to alleviate any concerns you may have by offering affordable rates and prompt, trusted services. We also assist you in filing your claim with your insurance company. Navigating the process of filing your first claim with your insurance can feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience communicating with insurance companies, guaranteeing that home and business owners receive the coverage they are entitled to. 

Our commitment to excellent customer service is reflected in our impressive 4.8-star rating on Google. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our community, ensuring each customer is completely satisfied. We strive to establish ourselves as the top roofing contractor in Danville, IL. Contact our team today to get a free estimate for one of our exterior services.  

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Exterior Services in Danville, IL

While we have established ourselves as the top roofing contractor in Danville, IL, we also provide various other exterior services. Discover the range of options we have available:

Roof Repair

Whether from old age or a particularly bad storm, your roof may eventually require some maintenance. We specialize in addressing a variety of roofing concerns, including blistering, missing shingles, and cracked or broken shingles. We will inspect your roof to identify any issues and determine if they are limited to specific areas. If the issue is more widespread, we may suggest looking into a roof replacement. Although opting for a cheaper repair now may seem like a good idea, it could potentially result in more expensive problems in the future.  

Rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing reliable and transparent recommendations.  

Roof Replacement

For all your roof replacement needs, trust the skilled team at Freeman Exteriors. Our skilled team is here to ensure that your asphalt roof is installed correctly from the start. Additionally, it includes a warranty that spans an impressive 50 years! You can have complete confidence in our expertise in taking care of your roof. And if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ve got you covered with our warranty. 

Contact our team today to discuss your roof replacement needs in Danville, FL. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and providing professional service.


Siding is crucial for safeguarding your home against the elements, preventing mold damage, and keeping pests at bay. We offer multiple siding options to complement your home’s style and aesthetic. Here are a few potential choices:  

  • Vinyl and insulated vinyl materials
  • Hardie board
  • Authentic wood
  • Fiber cement siding

Proper siding is crucial for maintaining energy efficiency by effectively blocking heat transfer. In addition, our siding installation comes with an extended warranty for your peace of mind.  

We also provide siding repair services in case your siding gets damaged. It is important to promptly address any siding damage to avoid further complications and potentially higher repair costs. If you’re in need of top-notch siding services in Danville, IL, look no further than Freeman Exteriors. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today! 

Gutter Guards

Are you tired of dealing with leaves and sticks clogging up your gutters and causing rainwater to flow improperly? Discover the perfect solution: gutter guards

Gutter guards shield your gutters, ensuring that leaves are kept out and water can effortlessly flow through. Clogged gutters may harm your roof because they restrict water from flowing away from it, resulting in water damage, floods, and roof damage. 

Even though you will still need to clean your gutter guards frequently, they are still useful for avoiding problems brought on by blocked gutters.

gutter cleaning


Our company provides a variety of window servicesfor both residential and commercial properties in Danville, IL.

  • Window Installation Services:We offer a wide selection of windows, including picture windows, bay windows, and skylights, to meet your needs. We have many options for your style and budget, including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and more.
  • Window Shutter Installation:Shutters are a fantastic solution for shielding your windows from the scorching sun or harsh winds. Our selection of shutters allows you to enhance the functionality and appearance of your windows.  
  • Window Repair Services:Our team specializes in fixing window issues, from broken glass to worn weather stripping. We take pride in providing professional and dependable repair services to ensure your windows are in top-notch condition. Reach out to our team immediately to avoid any additional harm. 
  • Window Frame Repair: The environment may be harsh on window frames, resulting in cracking and worn or missing caulk. If you don’t take care of this right away, it might immensely impact your energy expenses. Book your repairs promptly.  
  • Window Cleaning:Let the professionals at Freeman Exteriors handle the hassle of cleaning your windows. Maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is crucial for preserving and safeguarding your valuable investment. This enhances their durability and the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Weatherproofing: The weather may wreak havoc on your electricity cost, which is why weatherproofing can be essential. We offer a range of services to help protect your home, including weather stripping, insulation, caulking, and shrink film for your windows, doors, and garage doors. 

What Sets Freeman Exteriors Apart?

At Freeman Exteriors, we guarantee a seamless experience for your project from beginning to end. Once you reach out to us, we promptly begin working on a comprehensive estimate for your project. This estimate will include a detailed breakdown of all potential costs involved. Rest assured that our team is committed to providing transparent, honest service with no hidden fees. 

We pride ourselves on our expertise in working with you and your insurance company to efficiently file your claim and secure the coverage you rightfully deserve. We have years of expertise working with insurance companies, so we can help you through the challenging and complex process of filing your first claim. 

Next, we approach the project with a high level of professionalism and ensure that it is completed quickly and effectively. We utilize an Equipter 4′ by 8′ aluminum dump trailer that extends to the edge of your roof, ensuring a clean and tidy work environment. 

From start to finish, we keep things simple and professional. Get started right away!

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Look no further than Freeman Exteriors for a top-notch roofing contractor in Danville, IL. We are committed to providing exceptional exterior services that you can rely on. Contact us now at (217) 355-5447 or request an estimate online. 

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