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Top 8 Signs You Need a New Residential Roof

new residential roof

Signs that you need a new residential roof can be subtle and develop over time.

One thing is for sure: if you wait till your ceiling begins to turn strange colors or there is water dropping on your head, you have waited far too long. By the time roof damage manifests itself inside your house, you’ve passed up the opportunity to just replace your roof. You’ll also need to repair the rest of your house.

That is why it is critical to do regular roof maintenance and look for indications of damage. How can you determine if your roof has to be replaced?

If you see any of these eight signs, it’s conceivable that you need a roof replacement. Continue reading to learn.

1. Roof Sagging

A sagging roof can collapse at any time.

You can quickly know that your roof is sagging. Check the roofline for visible signs like curving or dipping.

Moisture accumulation causes this problem. This happens when water seeps into the roofs.

Weak roofing materials can also cause your roof to sag. The roofing materials used for your new residential roof should be of high quality.

Another cause of roof sagging is poor construction of the ceiling and roof rafters. Weak ceilings/roof joints and rafters can’t sustain a heavy roof.

Clearing ice/snow and rainwater on the roof will prevent this problem. Contact a professional roof replacement company immediately you notice a roof sagging sign.

2. Roof Rot

Installing new roofs is vital when the previous ones start decaying. A rotting residential roof comes with many risks.

It can weaken your roof’s foundation. A weak roof foundation can easily crumble.

Roof rot can also cause bad odors in your house. It can affect your indoor air quality and make your indoor living uncomfortable.

Again, roof rots deteriorate the indoor curb appeal. Don’t risk embarrassment when your friends visit you.

Rot mainly happens when you have wooden roof underlays. It occurs over time as water seeps through these roof fixtures.

Changes in your attic temperature can cause humidity to build up, resulting in this problem.

Poor ventilation can also cause roof rot. The heat in the attic melts the snow and causes it to seep through the underlays and shingles.

Roof repairs cannot solve this problem. Contact Freeman Exteriors for a professional roof replacement.

3. Poor Roof Installation

A bad roofing job will leave you with a weak residential roof. The roof may not serve you as expected.

Several things can help you know that your roof was poorly installed.

One of them is improper installation of the roof fixtures. Check the condition of the gutters, flashing systems, underlays, shingles, and others.

Check how different roofing materials have been attached. Wrong nails, inadequate nails, or wrong roofing materials are signs of poorly installed roofs.

Lastly, check the roof’s uniformity. Poor roofing will leave your roof looking good on one side and bad on the other.

Don’t rush to hire a roofing contractor to replace your poorly installed roof. Have the right guide for choosing a professional roofing replacement company.

4. Visible Roof Leaks

This is a common roof replacement sign you should not ignore. You can hire roof repair services if the roof leaks are small and invisible.

There are different causes of roof leaks.

One of them is weak roofing materials. Weak roofing materials wear out fast, causing water intrusion when it rains. Check the condition of your roof tiles, roof membranes, shingles, and other materials.

One sign of roof leaks is water spots on your ceiling. A wet roof decking system is the other sign.

Hire a professional roofing contractor immediately you notice this problem.

5. Growths in Your House

Damaged roofs cause moisture accumulation in the house. This results in molds, mildew, or algae growths.

These growths come with several side effects.

For one, they release toxic gases, causing breathing problems. Mildew growths are cancerous.

They can also deteriorate your home’s value and integrity. They can subject you to extra home repair expenses.

Repairing your damaged roof will not provide a long-term solution. Only a new residential roof can prevent these growths.

Look for a professional roofer to replace your damaged roof. Your new roof should not allow water leaks or moisture.

6. Old Roofs

A good roof can last for 20 to 50 years, depending on its materials. Replacing old roofs is a key home improvement tip to consider.

Bad weather can cause your roof to age quickly. Poor quality roofing materials also quicken the roof’s aging process.

Old roofs are susceptible to damages since they are weak. They easily develop cracks, holes, and other problems.

Old roofs cannot be repaired. Consider getting a new roof for your home. Freeman Exteriors is a roofing company you can trust to replace your old roof.

7. Light Coming Through Your Roof

This doesn’t mean that your home’s indoors should be dark. Your roof should not allow light into your room.

This is a sign that your home’s roof is damaged. The roof is likely to have cracks or holes.

The lights in your upper room should not be on when checking for this sign. Check your upper room in the evening. At this time, the room will be dark, enabling you to see any light coming through.

8. Damaged/Missing Shingles

Shingles are crucial for supporting and protecting your roof. They are waterproof, and so they prevent water damage on the roofs.

Damaged or missing shingles will affect your entire roof system.

It is easy to know when your roof shingles are damaged. Check your roof to see whether the shingles have cracks or are missing.

You can also check for granules in your roof’s gutters. Granules are signs of worn-out roof shingles.

Reach out to a professional roof replacement company after seeing this sign.

These Are Signs You Need a New Residential Roof

Old and damaged roofs pose many risks. They can damage your property and cause serious injuries.

Knowing these signs will help you get a new residential roof before it’s too late.

Do you need a new residential roof? At Freeman Exteriors, we’re a reputable roofing company that will take care of all your roofing needs.

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