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preparing for winter
roof maintenance

Preparing for Winter: This Is How to Get Your Roof Ready

Winter weather poses many threats to residential roofing. In fact, heavy snow may even cause your roof to collapse. By preparing for winter and learning how to winterize a roof, many of these winter roofing problems can be avoided.  Do you want to learn how to get your roof ready for winter? Keep reading this

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homeowners insurance
Hail Damage

7 Unusual Types of Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance

You have homeowners insurance because you know you have to have it. And because of it, if there’s ever damage to your home, you know you’re covered. But do you truly know everything that your insurance covers? This guide discusses a few types of damage that you may have not known were covered by insurance! Keep reading to

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Roof repair

The Big Question: How Much to Repair a Roof?

Water brings life, and a calming rain forms the backdrop of a peaceful moment. But that peace can quickly turn to turmoil when the gentle rain turns into a loud dripping sound in your home. You quickly realize that moisture has breached your roof, and you need to find a solution.  Nightmares of paying thousands of dollars

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Roof Inspection

How Long Does a Roof Last? The Lifespan Explained

Some types of roofing will last more than 200 years, while others will need to be replaced before your children are out of high school.  So answering the query, “How long does a roof last?” depends on what it is made of and where your home is located.  Clay tiles will not work in cold New England,

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Roof repair

Roof Repair or Replace: Which is Best for You?

How long a roof lasts depends on a few factors, and in particular, the materials of the roof.  Copper, tile, and slate roofs, for example, can last over 50 years. Fiber cement shingles can last up to 25 years, and wood shake roofs can last around 30 years. Asphalt composition/shingle roofs can last about 20

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What You Need to Know About Preparing Your Roof for Spring

It might not come as a surprise to you that spring is the most popular season in America. According to a Gallup poll, 36% of Americans said that spring was their favorite season. While spring might bring to mind flowers, birds, and warm weather, for many homeowners it is also a time of recovering from

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