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How to Protect Your Roof During the Winter

roof protection

It’s with no doubt your roof is an integral part of your house. It’s the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions and intruders.

Whether you have slate, copper, or tile roofs, the roof can last up to 50 years if properly maintained. Let’s be honest: when most people hear about roof maintenance, they think about regular repairs and roof cleaning.

But roof maintenance should also involve roof protection.

With winter upon us, if you live in Illinois, the implications of winter on your residential or commercial property must be quite clear. Snowstorms that occur during this period can have a devastating effect on your roof.

If you don’t take the right action of protecting your roof, it will be prone to snow and water damage. If this happens, you might face costly repairs or even be forced to replace the entire roof.

Avoid such a scenario by taking the appropriate measures to protect your roof during the winter. But the big question is, do you know how to protect and take care of your roof during winter? If not, worry no more.

Here is a complete guide on how to protect your roof during the winter

Remove Encroaching Trees

Low-hanging branches can be a threat to your roof this winter. The accumulation of ice on such branches can make them break and damage your roof.

It’s therefore important you get rid of such low-hanging branches. If you fail to do so, you will be putting both your roof and loved ones at risk.

But if you feel getting rid of branches is quite challenging, you can contact a professional. They can get rid of low-hanging branches quickly and safely.

Clean the Roof

With winter upon us, it’s not too late to clean your roof. You just need to get a ladder and remove any debris from your roof.

But before getting rid of the debris, you must ensure it’s safe to do so. But you must keep in mind roof cleaning should be done regularly. This will help reduce the chances of your roof getting damaged.

If getting rid of debris is quite challenging for you, hire roofing contractors. This will be the safest method of cleaning your roof.

Remove Snow

Getting rid of snow from your entire roof can be quite challenging. However, it would help if you made some effort to get rid of the snow close to your gutters. Otherwise, if your gutters are overwhelmed, they will not direct the water away.

This might result in the formation of ice dams which might put your roof at the risk of getting damaged. Besides, if the gutters are well maintained, they will face less strain once the snow begins to melt.

With the help of a shovel or rake, you can get rid of the snow from the gutters.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Inspecting your roof during winter might be challenging. However, there are roof damage signs that can be observed from the safety of the ground.

Elements such as cracks and weak spots signify your roof needs attention. Ignoring such signs might call for costly repairs or even premature replacement of your roof.

With the right DIY skills, you can handle minor repairs. However, hiring roofing experts is the best option to avoid leaving any severe damages unattended.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

To keep your roof in good shape during winter, ensure your roof is ventilated and insulated. Insulation is key in regulating interior temperatures while combating freezing outdoor temperatures.

On the other side, Ventilation prevents a build-up of moisture in your attic. This reduces the chances of your walls, ceiling, and attic getting damaged.

Watch Out for Ice Dams

Ice dams are the biggest enemies to your roof during winter. Like a dam would in nature, they prevent water from draining off properly.

The accumulation of ice water on your roof increases the chances of roof damage. In most cases, a warm attic is usually the cause of these ice dams.

The warm attic keeps the top of the roof warmer leading to the formation of snowmelt that accumulates in the gutters to form ice dams.

To avoid such a scenario, ensure to close off your attic from the house. This will ensure your roof stays at consistent cold temperatures during winter.

Get Professional Help

If you discover your roof is leaking or other signs of roof damage are present, contact a roofing contractor. A roofing contractor will handle roof repairs safely and quickly.

Besides, they will identify other signs of roof damage that might have escaped your knowledge. This way, you will be saved from costly home repairs or the burden of premature roof replacement.

However, when hiring a roofing contractor, be cautious. Not all roofing contractors out there are reliable and competent. Some are just after making a profit. You must focus on hiring licensed roofing contractors.

Such contractors are likely to offer better services. Besides, tracing licensed roofing contractors is quite easy. Apart from licensing, ensure the roofing contractors have a good reputation.

By reading online reviews like those on Better Business Bureau, you can determine a contractor’s reputation.

Above all, ensure to hire a roofing contractor you can easily contact during an emergency. With snowstorms being unpredictable, it’s better to have a roofing contractor who can respond quickly.

Use the Above Roof Protection Tips During Winter Today

Roof protection during winter is paramount to overcome the effects of snowstorms and reduce roof damages. However, if you don’t know how to protect your roof, you risk facing costly repairs or the burden of replacing the entire roof prematurely.

Follow the above guide on protecting your roof during the winter and get it right.

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