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How Often Do You Need to Replace a Roof?

how often do you need to replace a roof

Everybody agrees, your roof is an integral part of your house. It shades your family and your property from harsh weather conditions. For this reason, it must be properly maintained.

Chances are, during roof maintenance, you focus only on cleaning the roof and removing any moss available. But the big question is, how often do you need to replace a roof?

If you don’t replace your roof on time, you risk facing significant leaks in the future.

If your roof shingles are loose, they could quickly become a liability risk. The last thing you would want is to have your family member injured by loose shingles.

For this reason, you must have your roof replaced on time. Besides, timely roof replacement saves you money and increases energy efficiency.

If your roof is leaking, it’s an obvious sign that you must replace it. However, other signs will determine how often you have to replace your roof.

If you have no idea how often you need to replace your roof, don’t worry. You are in the right place.

Here is a brief roof replacement guide.

When the Average Life Span of the Roof Is Attained

The type of your roof and how well you maintain it will determine its life span. If you have asphalt shingle, the expected life span is between 15- 20 years. But if the asphalt shingle is of architectural design, it’s more resilient and could last for up to thirty years.

If tile roofing is your option, it might last for 50 years. This is because it’s heavy and extremely durable.

But if you have slate roofing, you are fortunate. Tile roofing is the most durable roof out there, and it’s expected to last for 100 years.

Well, if your choice is metal roofing, wood shakes, or wood shingles, then expect your roof to last for 40 years. If your roof has attained the required life span, it’s recommended that you have the roof replaced. Chances are the roof is worn out by now or might have defaults not visible to your naked eyes.

If you live in the 39 states of the US where snow size is above five inches, the last thing you want is the roof caving in during winter. If the life span of the roof has been attained, get the roof replaced immediately.

When the Shingles Are Damaged

Roof shingles are a type of roof covering consisting of overlapping elements. Roof shingles can either be in a flat, square, or rectangular shape.

If you live in areas with strong winds, you might find that some shingles are missing or worn out over time. In some cases, water damage might cause some shingles to fall off.

If the roof shingles are missing or worn out, you risk facing increased cases of leaking. Over time the leaking water will weaken your home structure and even cause the roof’s deck to rot. To avoid such as scenario, you must have the roof replaced on time.

When Your Roof Sags

A rigid and strong roof is essential in keeping your property and loved ones safe. A rigid roof is one whose components such as shingles and decks are in place and in good condition. However, over time the roof might become saggy.

This might result due to the periodic weight of snow or the weakening of your deck.

A sagging roof is a disaster waiting to happen. Come winter, the sagging roof might cave in due to the weight of snow.

If you live in snow-free areas, debris can still make the roof collapse. Dealing with the outcome of a collapsed roof might be quite expensive.

For this reason, replacing a roof at the right time is the best option. If you realize that your roof has started to sag, it’s a good sign that you need to have it replaced.

When You Find Granules in Your Gutters

Your gutter system can inform you more about the condition of your roof. Gutters are essential in conveying rainwater from your roof to areas further from the home’s foundation. If you find debris and leaves in the gutters, it’s pretty normal.

But, if you find granules in your gutters, it should be a point of concern. Granules in your gutters are a sign that your roof has a problem. The granules would be bits of shingles that are breaking apart.

Well, if the granules keep on reappearing in the gutters, you need to have the roof replaced. But for quality roof replacement, get a roof replacement guide from a reliable roof replacement company.

Presence of Leaks

Leaks are red flags that your roof might be having a problem. They mainly occur when shingles or any other parts of the roof fail. The worst part about roof leaks is they can go unnoticed. Especially if they happen inside the walls or ceilings away from plain sight.

This is why hiring the best roof maintenance company is essential. They quickly detect any issues with your roof that you might fail to detect. However, ensure to hire licensed and experienced roof maintenance experts always.

With the help of roofing experts, detecting a leaking roof becomes easy. If the leaks prove to be a menace, it’s a good sign that you need to have the roof replaced.

You Now Know How Often Do You Need to Replace a Roof

Roof replacement ensures long-term safety for you and your loved ones. However, if you don’t know how often do you need to replace a roof, you might face safety hazards.

Are you looking for roof replacement services in Champaign County, Vermilion County, and the surrounding areas? At Freeman Exteriors, we got you covered.

We specialize in roofing and commercial renovations. Our goal is to offer quality and reliable services to our customers.


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