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What Does a Roof Warranty Cover?

roof warranty

Your roof provides you with defense from outside elements and makes your house a home. You should not take financial shortcuts to cut costs. You may spend more money on your roof by skimping on product quality and warranties.

A great assurance you can give yourself is by purchasing a roof warranty. This can help you have extended coverage after you’ve installed your shingles or other roofing materials. Keep reading to learn more about different roofing warranties.

Why You Need Roof Warranty Coverage 

Purchasing and repairing your roof can be a very expensive endeavor. Spend time researching the different grades of roofing shingles and finding which will be the most aesthetically pleasing for your home.

You may not want to spend more money on a roof warranty. However, this is a worthwhile investment that can help save you money in the long term.

Roofing warranties may seem complicated. There are some basic coverage categories that can help you make an informed decision on what kind of roofing material you are going to purchase.

Types of Roofing Warranties

Roofing companies and insurers offer a plentiful variety of warranty plans. These warranty opportunities break down into three categories. 

  • Standard manufacturer’s warranty
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Extended manufacturer’s warranty 

The greatest benefit of using a warranty is once you file a claim you’ll be receiving service without additional charge. Purchasing the warranty is a small investment to help amplify the value of your original purchase.

Depending on your ability to install and repair your roof yourself you may want to opt into a higher warranty bracket. You need to assess which warranty program works best for you given your skillset and willingness to outsource for labor.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty 

The majority of roofing shingles will come with a basic lifetime warranty. This is an industry-standard practice.

However, the integrity of your roof goes much further than just shingles. Most manufacturer warranties are going to cover the cost of defective materials however not the cost for any labor charges to remove or replace failed shingles.

Industry ride these warranties only cover factory defects. They don’t cover shingles that are damaged during installation or from the weather. When you read through this warranty offer it sounds like a great built-in plan however, you can’t let it discourage you from seeking out more sustainable warranties.

Workmanship Warranty 

A workmanship warranty is from your contractor. This covers any damages that may occur during installation. When working on a roof you’re in a very dangerous climate that’s likely that mistakes can happen.

By getting a workmanship warranty your ensuring that your laborers will absorb all of the liability when it comes to replacing any damaged materials.

This warranty is also available if you were doing your shingle insulation yourself. This helps protect you during the installation process or when you’re repairing or cleaning the roof.

Extended Manufacturer Warranty 

When you get an extended manufacturer’s warranty you have the coverage of a contractor’s workmanship plus the extended coverage of products. This form of coverage ensures that your roofing materials are covered past your purchase and installation. 

The features of this extended warranty vary based on the specific plan you purchased. These extended warranties cover the additional cost of installation and complementary components such as soffit and ridge vents and underlayment. 

Leading many factors provide the opportunity for you to have complete comprehensive coverage for your roof. If you can have a fully covered roof seize the opportunity.

Register Your Warranty 

Many people lose out on the protection that a warranty provides. This is simply because they neglect to register their warranty even after they purchased it.

Choose your brand of roofing and installation and opted for your warranty program. Once you have done this, check the manufactures requirements for registering your warranty. Being thorough and filling out your warranty registration can help ensure that you avoid any headaches if you were to file a claim in the future.

Purchasing a warranty and utilizing it is a preemptive way to give yourself financial security if your roof were to be damaged. Be thorough and take control of your financial situation by registering your warranty. 

Routine Roofing Maintenance 

The integrity of your roof is very important for your home so building on the schedule for you to routinely check in on it should be a top priority.

Proper roof maintenance is periodically checking in on the vulnerable areas of your roof. Depending on the type of group this might be an annual or biannual check-up. By working with a local contractor you can use these check-ins to assess any damage that might be a reason to file a claim. 

When your contractor comes out to check in on your roof they will remove debris such as sticks and leaves, check on the ventilation systems, and checked the bits and cracks for wear and tear. These are visible signs of there might be greater damage or a need to file a warranty claim.

Protect Your Home

Routine roof maintenance and finding a reliable warranty program are important. Your roof is a very important element to keep in your home secure and safe. By purchasing a roof warranty you were strengthening your home.

In many ways, a warrantee can maximize your investment in purchasing a roof. This can also boost your eventual resale value. Contact us to find the right warranty program to protect your home.


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