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Gutter Cleaning: What Is Involved and Why Is It Important?


The gutter system on your home plays a vital role in removing water from your roof and redirecting it away from your home’s foundation. When the gutters do not function correctly, it can lead to severe damage, which can be extremely costly to repair. This highlights the importance of ensuring that your gutters remain clean and functioning correctly. Knowing what adequate gutter cleaning involves can help to ensure that your gutters continue to function correctly.

What Is Gutter Cleaning?

Cleaning your gutter system is a process that involves removing any dirt, debris, and leaves from the gutters and downspouts. This cleaning can be performed by hand or by using a machine to scoop the debris out of the system. After it is completely cleared out, the system should be flushed with water to remove any lingering particles. This will ensure water is able to make its way through the gutters with ease.

Gutters that are cleared out and clean of any clogs will be able to perform various tasks to keep your home safe. These tasks include:

  • Minimizing the amount of condensation and moisture around your windows and window sills by directing the water away from your home
  • Preventing puddling on your roof and foundation by redirecting the water away from your home
  • Keeping water out of your basement
  • Protecting both the interior and exterior of your home from heavy rain damage

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

There are several reasons why it is so important to routinely clean your gutter system out. Some of the top reasons include:

To Prevent Roof Damage

Your gutters pull the water away from your roof, ensuring that no puddles form and cause damage. Unclogging your gutters ensures that the rainwater is able to run off, go through the downspouts, and away from the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, not cleaning your gutters can result in the build-up of dirt, leaves, and debris, which can stop this from happening. When water does not flow freely and it puddles on your roof, it can weaken its construction and cause roof rot. It can also seep into your home and cause mold growth and an array of other problems.

To Protect the Exterior of Your Home

When rainwater gets stuck in your gutter system, it can destroy the exterior of your home. This is especially true when the weight of the debris trapped in the gutters causes the system to pull away from the roof line, which can result in damage to your shingles, soffits, fascia, and even the siding itself. 

To Prevent Cracks in Your Foundation

When gutters are full of debris and clog up, it can trap water in the system. When excess rainwater falls and enters your gutters, it ends up pouring over the sides and crashing down at the foundation of your home. Clearing your gutter system will ensure that the water is able to be directed away from your home. Without cleaning the gutters, you risk suffering damage to your foundation, which could result in cracks in your drywall, uneven flooring, basement flooding, and window and door problems. 

To Keep Animals and Pests Away

Small animals and pests love water that is trapped in gutter systems. When there is water filled with leaves and other debris, they often find it a favorable location to call home. This can result in pests and animals burrowing into your siding and through your roof, causing significant damage. Cleaning your gutters can prevent this from happening.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

To ensure your gutter system continues to function properly, it is best to clean it at least twice each year. One of the best times to clean your system is in the autumn, right after all of the leaves have fallen from the trees around your home. This will allow you to clear any that may have gotten stuck in your gutters to ensure no clogs form. 

Additionally, cleaning your gutters in the spring can help to ensure that the system did not suffer any damage from winter weather and that they are in good working order for summer.

How Gutter Guards Can Help

Gutter guards can provide significant benefits when it comes to keeping your gutters clean and clear of debris. These systems work like filters to keep large objects, such as twigs and leaves, away from your gutters so that they can flow properly when water pours in. There are several types of gutter guards available to choose from, each providing its own set of benefits. These include:

  • Brush: These guards are made of bristly, stiff materials that ensure water’s safe passage while blocking large debris and leaves.
  • Mesh: These guards are made of a fine mesh pattern that works to catch debris and leaves, allowing only water and small particles to enter the gutters.
  • Foam: These guards are made by having porous foam inserted into the new gutters, allowing water to pass through while also trapping leaves and debris on the surface to keep them away. 
  • Reverse Curve: These guards are made with curved lips that result in water rolling onto the roof, ensuring that it continues to flow freely in cases where the gutters suffer some damage.
  • Screen: These guards are made from metal mesh and can be custom-designed for your existing system. A screen system will block large objects from entering while allowing water to pass through seamlessly.

Gutter guards can help to lessen the amount of maintenance needed for gutters each year. However, speaking to an expert can help you better understand how they work and what type of system will work best for your home.

Hire Our Team at Freeman Exteriors in Champaign, IL, To Help

If you notice any damage on your gutters that warrant attention, reach out to our experts at Freeman Exteriors. Our team has extensive experience helping home and business owners through Champaign, IL, with gutter guards and replacement. You can rest assured knowing that our team will provide you with top-quality services at every step of the process.

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