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How Much Do Gutters Cost?

how much do gutters cost

Are your gutters cracking, sagging, or even falling completely off your home one piece at a time? These are just a few of the signs that’ll suggest it’s time to get new gutters.

But before you do, you’ll want to find out the answer to the question, “How much do gutters cost?” Most homeowners will only have to replace their home’s gutters once or maybe twice depending on how long they live in their houses. So not everyone is aware of what gutter replacement will run them.

It can be tricky trying to calculate exactly how much new gutters are going to cost you, though. There are a host of factors that will help determine the price you’ll pay for gutter installation.

We’re going to talk about some of these factors in an attempt to help you figure out how much you’ll have to pay for new gutters. Take a look at them below.


Before you can have new gutters installed on the side of your home, you’ll need to make room for them by removing your old gutters. In some cases, you might want to try to tackle a task like this yourself.

But more often than not, you should allow the same gutter installation company that’s going to provide you with new gutters to remove the old ones. They’ll make sure these gutters are taken down safely so that your home doesn’t get damaged and everyone stays safe.

There will, however, typically be a fee associated with the removal of gutters and the disposal of them. Depending on how many gutters you have at the moment, a company might have to bring a dumpster rental on-site to dispose of them properly.

A dumpster could end up costing you a few hundred dollars alone. It may drive up the cost of new gutters.


There isn’t just one type of gutter system you can have hung up on your home. There are a couple of options you’ll have when you’re in the market for gutters.

The most basic type of gutters is sectional gutters. A sectional gutter system will come in a bunch of different pieces that’ll need to be installed individually. It’s the cheaper of the two options when it comes to the types of gutter systems.

The other type of gutters is seamless gutters. A seamless gutter system will have long pieces of gutters without any seams in them. They can be challenging to install and might send the cost of your new gutters skyrocketing.

You’re welcome to choose whichever type of gutters you would like for your home. But you should be prepared to foot the bill for the type of gutters you want to go with.


Did you know gutters can be made out of any number of different materials these days? Some of the most popular gutters materials are:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized stainless steel
  • Copper

Vinyl and aluminum gutters will usually be the most cost-effective options of the bunch. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to break the bank on new gutters, opt to install one of these two kinds of gutters.

Galvanized stainless steel and copper gutters are a little more expensive than vinyl and aluminum ones in many instances. But they’ll also hold up really well and last for a long time. Copper gutters, in particular, could potentially stick around for upwards of 50 years.

Your gutter installation company should be able to show you different options and help you pick out the right choice for your home.


When you’re ordering new gutters for your home, a gutter installation company will measure your home to see how long your gutters will need to be. This is another thing that’ll play a big part in how much you’ll pay for these replacement gutters.

The longer your gutters will have to be, the more you’ll have to pay for them in the end. You’ll typically get charged by the foot for gutters.

It might be worth having a gutter installation company measure your home for gutters before you decide which type you want and what materials you want them to be. You might have to adjust your plans for your new gutters based on the measurements of your home.


As you can probably guess, hanging up gutters on the side of a home can be very dangerous. There are usually at least a few parts of a home where it’ll be tough for a company to install gutters.

If you have any very steep parts of your roof that’ll make hanging gutters a challenge, this could factor into the price you’ll pay for them. A gutter installation company may charge more than usual after seeing the risks they’ll be taking on while installing gutters for you.

If, for instance, you have dormers that stick out from your roof, they may need to have gutters hung on each side of them. It can be hard to hang up gutters on these dormers in certain cases, and it can lead to your gutter costs going up.


Do you know why your home has gutters on it in the first place? There are actually a handful of different reasons for it.

First and foremost, there are gutters on homes to stop rainwater from landing on their roofs and falling right down around their foundations. If rainwater was able to do this, it could put the foundations of homes at risk.

Gutters are also installed on homes so that rainwater doesn’t run down the sides of them and do damage to the siding. It’s another thing that would be a big concern for homeowners.

To get around these issues, gutter systems are set up, and they include downspouts. Gutters carry rainwater to these downspouts, and from there, it’s up to the downspouts to bring water down to the ground and then redirect it away from houses.

There are a variety of downspouts you can have installed as part of your new gutter system. Ideally, you’ll want these downspouts to match or, at the very least, complement your gutters. You’ll also want them to be very durable and able to do their jobs for the foreseeable future.

The costs associated with downspouts will depend on many of the same factors that impact the cost of gutters. You should shop around for the right downspouts for your home and make sure they’re able to do the job you need to be done.

Gutter Guards

You’re free to install new gutters on your home without putting gutter guards on them. But you should strongly consider having gutter guards put on your gutters from the moment they’re first hung up.

Gutter guards will increase the cost of gutters a little. But they’ll prove to be well worth it over time. They’ll keep the inside of your gutters clean and make them so much easier to maintain.

Gutter guards can also stop leaves, sticks, and other debris from finding their way into your downspouts and restricting the flow of rainwater. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them once you have them put in place on your new gutters.


When you need to have new gutters installed, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding companies that can help you. There are thousands of gutter installation companies scattered throughout the country.

There are also quite a few roofing companies that dabble in gutter installation. It should make it even easier to find a company that can lend you a hand.

But not all of these companies will bring the same expertise and experience to the table. They also won’t all provide you with the same answer to the question, “How much do gutters cost?”

For this reason, you should try calling as many local gutter installation companies as you can. It’ll make it possible for you to select one that’s going to fit into your price range.


Something as simple as the time of the year when you choose to do gutter installation could affect the price you’ll pay for gutters. If you call on a gutter installation company for assistance during their busy season in the spring, it could cost you more than it would at a different time of the year.

With this in mind, you should try not to wait until the 11th hour to have new gutters installed. If you know your existing gutters are on the verge of giving out on you, it’d be a good idea to start shopping for new gutters right away.

Planning ahead might help you avoid finding yourself in a position where you have no choice but to pay top dollar for gutter installation. It’ll also give you all the time you’ll need to check out different kinds of gutters so that you can select the best gutter system for your home.


As we alluded to a few moments ago, there isn’t any shortage of gutter installation companies operating throughout the country and, more specifically, in Illinois. You might be able to capitalize on this when you’re shopping for new gutters.

Many gutter installation companies will offer special discounts on their gutter services. They might have a particular gutter system on sale, or they might offer something like gutter guards at a discounted price when you buy new gutters.

Whatever the case, you shouldn’t be shy about asking what discounts a gutter installation company can provide. You might be pleasantly surprised to hear about the deals that’ll be available to you when you’re buying gutters.

This is also another good reason to start planning ahead for gutters as early on as you can. If you aren’t in any huge hurry, you can wait until the gutters you want to go on sale and strike while the iron is hot.


In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about making any repairs to your roof or your siding while you’re having new gutters installed. But there may be instances in which you’ll have to tackle repairs head-on.

If, for example, one or more pieces of your existing gutter system fell off your home, they may have damaged your siding. A gutter installation company will likely need to make repairs to your home while working on getting you new gutters.

Old gutters can also do damage to your home’s roof if you aren’t careful. They can overflow and allow water to reach your roof. They can also let ice dams form on your roof, which can really wreak havoc on it.

You should get some sense of which repairs, if any, might need to be done to your home when you’re getting an initial quote for new gutters. It’ll enable you to take these repairs into account when you’re comparing how much gutters are going to cost you overall.

By considering this factor and all the other factors listed here, you should be able to come up with an answer to the question, “How much do gutters cost?” You should also be able to find a gutter system that will work with your budget.

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We can also provide you with financing options if you would like to take advantage of them. It’ll help you get your hands on the gutters you want and then pay for them over time.

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