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My New Roof Is Leaking! What Do I Do?

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Getting a new roof on your home can provide you with peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you will be protected for a decade or more from leaks and other issues. But what happens if your brand-new roof is leaking? There are several things that you need to do to protect your home and yourself during this very frustrating time.

Steps to Take After Discovering a Roof Leak

After discovering a leak on your new roof, it is important to take several steps to ensure your home and all of your belongings are protected. 

Remove Items Near the Roof Leak

Water leaking into your home can cause damage to anything it comes in contact with. For this reason, you must act quickly to protect your belongings. At the sight of a leak in your new roof, it is important to move all of your belongings from the affected area. If there is water dripping on your floor, move any furniture and personal items away. If your roof leak is located near any electrical outlets, you must cover the outlets immediately with a tarp, plastic bag, or anything that will prevent water from entering the sockets

Contain the Leak if Possible

If the water continues to drip onto your flooring, it could warp your floorboards and destroy your carpet. For the time being, you must contain the water to prevent damage inside your home. Use plastic buckets or containers to catch any water falling from the ceiling. 

It is vital to dump the water outside once the containers fill up. Due to the fact that the water could contain roof or insulation particles, it is important to dump the water outside and out of harm’s way to ensure these materials are not inside your home or clogging your drains. 

Drain the Ceiling 

If there is visible leaking from your new roof inside your home, you need to address it quickly. At the sight of any sagging or drooping on your roof, you should puncture the affected area. Make sure you have a bucket or container underneath the area prior to puncturing it.

Use a sturdy ladder or poke a hole in your ceiling with a screwdriver. This will let the water trapped in your ceiling drain out and prevent further water damage to the area. Having some towels in the area is also a good idea, as you do not know whether the puncture will open further and drain a larger amount of water out at once.

Document the Damage for Your Insurance Company

You will need to document all of the damage caused by the leak on your new roof. Take pictures and record videos of the affected area. Pictures of your roof and damage to your interior will help to prove the extent of damage to your insurance company. It will also help to identify the specific problem that needs to be remedied. 

The roofing company will be able to use this information and documentation to pinpoint the origination of the leak and help them determine a plan for fixing it.

Determine the Location of the Leak

If you are able to do so, head to your home’s attic and try to identify the leak’s location. Look for any signs of light in your new roof that could indicate that water is entering through. After identifying any possible locations in your attic that could let water through, enter onto your roof if it is safe to do so. 

Make a note of the location and head to your roof to look for any signs of damage outside. Take pictures of the damaged area. 

Tarp the Roof to Prevent Further Damage

After identifying the location of the leak on your new roof, cover the area to prevent further damage. Use a tarp to protect your roof from the elements. Using tarp tape can help create a waterproof seal to ensure there is no further damage to the roof before the issue is able to be fixed. Use a wooden board to help weigh the tarps down and keep them in place. 

Contact the Roofing Company

Now that you have located the leak on your roof, it is important to reach out to the roofing company that you worked with. If the damage was caused by the roofing company specifically, like not securing the shingles correctly, not nailing down shingles, or another similar issue, then it may be covered under the warranty so long as the roofer was licensed. 

If the leak was not caused by any specific issue with the product or workmanship, then you may be liable for the costs. It is crucial to fix the issue quickly to prevent further damage. 

Contact Your Home Insurance Company

If the leak on your new roof caused extensive damage to your home, you need to get in contact with your insurance company. There is a chance that your home insurance policy will cover repairs if they are not covered by the roof warranty. They will want pictures of the damage and may also send someone out to assess the damage and determine the costs for repairs. 

Contact Our Roof Experts in Champaign, IL Today

It is undeniable that dealing with any type of roof issue can be frustrating. However, when the roof is new, and you already experienced a leak, the frustration and anger can be undoubtedly amplified. If you find yourself dealing with this type of situation, it is important to know that you do not have to move forward alone. 

By reaching out to our roofing experts at Freeman Exteriors in Champaign, IL, we can help to provide you comfort and peace of mind. Our team will inspect your roof and help you identify the leak’s location. We will provide you with any information needed for your insurance claim, and we can handle the repairs for you. With extensive experience helping homeowners across the area, you can rest assured that we will provide you with top-quality roofing services and products at every step.  Contact us today by calling 217-355-5447 to get started with a free estimate.


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