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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Roof Replacement Service for You

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There are now over 108,000 roofing companies throughout the US. Unfortunately, some teams have more experience than others. It’s important to find an experienced, qualified team before they start working on your roof.

Otherwise, an inexperienced team could do more harm than good.

If your roof has sprung a leak, there’s no time to waste. It’s important to find the best roof replacement service in town right away. Otherwise, a leak could lead to serious water damage or other complications.

Water damage can lead to mold growth, which could impact your health and quality of life.

Here are five tips that can help you find the best roof repair or replacement company in town. With these tips, you can narrow down your options with ease. Meanwhile, you’ll have peace of mind knowing a qualified team is on the job.

Start your search for a roof replacement company with these tips today. 

1. Learn From Friends

First, talk to friends, family members, and coworkers who live in the area. Take the time to learn from their past experiences. Have any of them requested a roof replacement service in the past?

If they have, ask who they hired and what happened.

Consider making a list of questions to ask as well. For example, you’ll want to make sure the team arrived on time. Ask your friend if they had any issues contacting the company, too.

You’ll want to hire a team that’s responsive. A team you’ll struggle to contact in the future could cause additional stress.

Ask your friends if the company they hired was professional and knowledgeable, too. You’ll have peace of mind knowing a capable team is on the job.

You can also ask your friends if they had any issues while working with the roof replacement company. If so, determine how the problems were resolved. Make sure you find a company that strives to offer the best possible customer experience.

If your friends can’t help you find a roof replacement company, that’s okay.

Consider Googling “roof replacement company near me” instead. Then, start creating a list of options. You can create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your notes. 

Make sure you live within each company’s service area, too. You don’t want to pay a surcharge for the company to reach your home. 

2. Check for Credentials

Remember, you’ll want to make sure an experienced, qualified company is working on your roof.

First, visit each company’s website and find their “About Us” page. You can also learn about their professional history by visiting their Better Business Bureau listing. Determine how long each roof replacement company has run and operated.

Some businesses chase storms. Unfortunately, these businesses can disappear unexpectedly. Make sure to find a company that’s long-established instead.

Finding a team with hands-on experience will give you peace of mind in their abilities.

Make sure they have an up-to-date license, too. Determine if they’re licensed to work on commercial and residential properties. If their license isn’t relevant to your needs, look elsewhere.

Roofing contractors need to complete two years of experience to earn their license through a government agency. Check the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) website. If their license isn’t up-to-date, remove them from their list.

As you review each company’s credentials, ask about their insurance policy, too. Choose a company with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If there’s an accident, you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket to cover the losses. 

3. Explore Their Services

Before choosing a roof replacement service, determine if the company offers any additional services as well. For example, you might need help with your gutter guards, windows, or siding, too.

Determine if the company offers emergency services while you’re at it.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll only need one company for all your exterior repair needs. Their well-rounded experience and expertise could save you time, money, and grief. 

Otherwise, learn more about their roofing services. For example, do they offer a warranty for their roofing systems? Determine how long their warranty lasts. 

You might want to find a company that specializes in roof repair and replacement services instead. A qualified team can identify weak points across your roof. They’ll help you avoid expensive damages before the problems get worse.

With their help, you can protect your home long-term. 

4. Consider Their Past Work

Before hiring a roof replacement company, ask if they have a portfolio you can review. Take the time to review their previous projects. Make sure their work meets your expectations.

If the product of their work looks low-quality, choose a different company.

Otherwise, ask each company if they can provide references and reviews. Remember, you can learn more from people who were once in your shoes. You can also find customer reviews online.

Visit each company’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings. Read a handful of reviews from each site. It’s normal to find one or two negative comments.

If the company has an abundance of negative reviews, however, scratch them off your list. 

5. Gather Quotes

As you begin narrowing down your choices, keep your budget in mind. Ask each roof replacement company about their pricing. Gather roof pricing quotes from three different businesses.

Gathering multiple quotes will help you gauge the average roof replacement cost in your area.

Don’t feel obligated to choose a company based on their roof pricing, though. Remember, it’s important to find an experienced, qualified team. If you choose the cheapest option, their pricing might reflect in their services.

You might have to pay even more to hire another team to fix the damage the first company caused.

Instead, review your notes. Make sure you’re paying for the services you need. 

Best in the Business: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Roof Replacement Service

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first roof replacement service you find. Instead, use these tips to learn more about each business in the area. With these tips, you can feel confident you’re hiring the right team for the job.

They’ll ensure your roof is in the best possible shape. 

Save time by hiring the best roofers in Champaign, IL.

Contact us today to get an estimate. 

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