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Everything You Need to Know About the Window Glass Replacement Process

window glass replacement

Everything You Need to Know About the Window Glass Replacement Process
Have you ever imagined your house without window glasses? The stress of constant air and rain leaks and security concerns is daunting.

Broken window glasses are not only safety hazards but also unattractive.
Glasses break all the time, even with perfect window treatments.

Unfortunately, you cannot repair broken glass windows cannot; they have to be replaced.

Handling broken glass windows can be difficult and risky if you don’t have the right skills and tools. No matter the circumstance, you need instant glass replacement to restore your home’s beauty and security.

Keep reading to learn the essential steps of window glass replacement.

1. Wear Protective Clothes

You need leather gloves, protective eyeglasses, and full covering long-sleeved shirts. Broken glasses cause lacerations, eye injury, and puncture woods.

The health hazards can be more critical if the glass is contaminated.
When removing the remaining broken pieces, you are prone to physical injury on the exposed areas of the body.

If you are dealing with big window glass breakage, the mess requires adequate protection. Protective garments are not only for the person replacing the window but also for everyone around the place.

Warn everyone, particularly children, to stay away and put shoes on.
Do not pick broken glasses with bare hands or kneel on areas where broken glass is located.

If you don’t have cut-resistant gloves, pick the broken pieces with forceps or tongs. Use a dust-pan and brush to clean up small pieces of glass.
Severe cuts from broken glasses may require surgery or stitches.

2. Clear Away Clutter and Remove Remaining Glass

Remove any furniture close to the window being replaced. Curtains, shades, and blinds may be necessary to remove. You need an open space with no clutter for window glass replacement.

Preparing for window glass replacement may require you to:

• Remove remaining broken glasses
• Remove the molding or glazing
• Clean off dirt, dust, and insects
• Keeping children or pets away
• Clear an open path for tight corners

If you are dealing with large window glass installation, more preparation is needed. Communicate with your window installation company to see what needs to be away from the window.

If you are not sure how to remove the remaining glaring glasses, contact professionals for help. You need to know how the windowpane is fastened into the frame.

If you are confident to handle the job, use a putty knife or pliers to pry out the glazing points.

After cleaning, confirm your window frame is not broken. Some incidents like winds may not only break the glass; it can also break the window frame and other accessories.

3. Measurement Window Frame Dimensions

You don’t want to order the wrong size for the glass replacement. You need to measure the dimensions of the window frame correctly.

Measure the width and height of the window frame in three places; across the top, middle, and bottom. You can check the squareness of the frame by measuring the diagonals.

Don’t forget to record all the measurements, even the small adjustments.
If your window installation factors sill angles, use an angle-measuring tool to measure the slope.

You need to be accurate with measurements to shim your glass installation to fit. Slightly undersize around 1/8 inch for each measurement to determine the glass size.

You can now order glass replacement. Remember to order other products like glazing compound or mitered moldings.

4. Prepare the Window Frames

Your window frames need to be intact before window repair. Window frame components like rails, stile, and sash need to be in perfect condition for your glass replacement to fit snugly.

If your window frame fitting has vinyl or aluminum jamb liners, you need to pry them.

Wooden, vinyl, composite, or fiberglass window frames are prepared differently. If your wooden window frame is broken, you need to sand it to ensure it is even.

Vacuum or wipe with a slightly damp rag after sanding.
Apply linseed oil; it helps putty stick securely. The framing needs to be safe for the new glass.

If you are not sure how to prepare your frame, contact professionals. You don’t want to replace new window glasses a day after installation because of faulty frames.

5. Window Glass Replacement

You can now install your new glass after adequate preparation of the working space and window frame. Glass installation involves;

• Determining the direction of the glazing compound so you can add a light bead of the compound or double-sided rape on the frame
• Add a double-sided tape on the window frame (customize tape to your fitting)
• Alternatively, you can caulk the frame
• Place the new glass on the adhesive or caulk
• Press down firmly the glazing points to embed the glass.
• Cover the perimeter of the glass with a heavy layer of glazing compound.
• Smooth out the glazing before it dries and clean off the excess

The glass replacement process differs slightly if you are using different compounds. If you are using mitered moldings, there is no need for glazing points.

Use a brad pusher to ease the glass installation process.
Glazing the window seems complicated, but it can be mastered with a little practice.

Once the glazing compound is dry and hard, you can now cure the glaze. It takes five to seven days to dry.

You can paint the glazing and the window frame with exterior grade paint. Once the paint is dry, you can clean the window glass.

This step requires attention to detail for proper window glass replacement. Follow the procedure, choose the correct products and use them appropriately.

Does Your Window Glass Needs Replacement?

Window glasses break every day due to stress cracks, weather, and accidents. Replacing a broken window is messy and requires attention to detail.

Many homeowners don’t understand details like window frames, slope, and glazing.

If you are not comfortable with the window glass replacement process, you are better off calling a professional window repair.

The process requires a skill level that many homeowners don’t have. If you are stranded with broken window glasses, contact us for professional window repairs and services.


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