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window weatherproofing

Window Weatherproofing 101: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The standard house loses about 10 percent of its heat through its windows. This is a lot of heat, especially during the cold winter months. Thankfully, you can always insulate your windows to reduce or eliminate heat loss. Window weatherproofing usually comes as an afterthought for most homeowners, and it’s hard to blame them. That’s because

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Window Replacement company
window installation

Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Window Replacement Company

Replacing your windows can be one of the more important improvements that you do to your home. Window replacement companies are in high demand, but it is important to ensure that you select the best company for the job. Not every window company does a good job and some will even overcharge you! So before

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replacement windows

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Window Installations

Are DIY window installations worth the struggle? The answer is no. To properly install a window, you will require advanced skills that are only gained through hands-on experience and training. Installing a window is not like other home improvement projects where you can follow a set of well-written instructions. It is a challenging, and time-consuming

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