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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Window Installations

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Are DIY window installations worth the struggle? The answer is no. To properly install a window, you will require advanced skills that are only gained through hands-on experience and training.

Installing a window is not like other home improvement projects where you can follow a set of well-written instructions. It is a challenging, and time-consuming task. It’s not like changing your light bulb or painting a wall.

Most homeowners’ frequently asked question regarding window installations is ‘should you do it yourself?’ If you have never needed a window replacement, it’s easy to assume that you can handle the job on your own. Most individuals think that the window installation process is simple: removing one window and replacing it with another on the same wall space.

Unfortunately, this is not the case; window removal and installation processes are more complicated than that. Below are fundamental reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your window installations.  

1. Reduces Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you DIY a window installation, your house will likely experience a reduction in energy efficiency. This is the biggest problem of installing a window yourself that most individuals don’t anticipate when deciding to handle the task.

Windows are an essential feature of any home. That’s because they are responsible for keeping each room in the house well insulated while letting in sun rays. As such, the windows must have an air-tight fitting.

So how does DIY window installation affect your house’s energy efficiency? This all depends on how you place the windows on the wall. Even if your placement and fitting are off by a hairline, the window’s balance is disrupted.

You may not realize the problem at hand until it’s too late. Subsequently, the window placement could be tilted, leading to drafts on one or more sides. Sometimes, the window placement may seem perfect to the untrained eye but have drafts that could expose your home’s interior to the air passage.  

2. Poor Artistic and Aesthetic Quality 

If you are untrained, you will not finish the job in an aesthetically pleasing manner, the way a professional would. For this reason, you may reduce your home’s curb appeal. For instance, the window placement may be so off that you end up with a finished look that is slightly ajar.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with the finished look. However, the visual effects may still be unsettling. In the end, there are subtle distinctions to the art of installing a window that is only mastered by professionals with experience.

Installing a window needs strength to lift it and put it in place. You will also need careful eye coordination to ensure its placement is perfect. This is a skill you can’t master in an afternoon, no matter how many sets of instructions you read online.

3. Complication and Security Issues 

DIY window installation comes with certain dangers, such as compromised safety of your house. A wrongly installed window may not close properly. This makes it easier for burglars and intruders to access your home through the windows.

Similarly, the window may not open and close as needed, leaving your household members trapped in case of an emergency such as a fire. Wrongly installed windows could reduce your home’s safety in multiple ways that aren’t very obvious after completing the task.

Poorly installed windows can also cause unnecessary aggravation and burden down the line. At first, the window may appear to work seamlessly; however, with time, any slight imbalance during placement could lead to faster wear and tear of the window over time.

A wrongly placed window may end up costing you more time and money down the road. Ultimately, you could spend more resources solving these types of problems than you did when performing the installation. Instead of risking it, hire a professional to help you with the installation to avoid problems down the line.

4. It’s Time Consuming 

Most homeowners rush online to check window installation tips immediately they realize they need a window replacement. Most window installation tasks are time-consuming and may require a whole afternoon to complete for professionals. With this in mind, you may think that it will only take you a few hours to complete the job.

Unfortunately, it will take you longer to do the installation because you are not a professional. During the process, you may face problems that will take you hours to solve. Thus, it’s advisable to contact a reputable window installer to help you with the replacement process.

5. There Is No Guarantee 

DIY home improvement tasks such as window installations may not always go as planned. Sometimes, the inherent faults and errors are only apparent weeks and months after you complete the work. If you need to repeat the installation process, you will have to invest your time and resources repeatedly.

Most professional window installers guarantee their clients with warranties to ensure that they offer high-quality services and products. These advantages are absent when you decide to DIY your window installation. What’s worse, you could lose your warranty’s validity if you install the window by yourself.

To avoid losing your warranty, the best way to install new windows is by contacting a professional to do it. This way, the products they bring and the services they offer are guaranteed. The installer will also follow up with any additional services that may arise after installing your window.

If any problems arise, the professional window installer will likely fix them for free. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong while you are doing a DIY window installation, you will be liable for the cost of fixing the problem.

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Most homeowners often ask themselves, “how are windows installed?” Window installations are taxing and time-consuming. Whether you are looking to replace one or all windows in your house, a professional should handle the task.  

For all your window replacement and maintenance services, contact us at Freeman Exteriors, and our highly experienced professionals will ensure that your needs are met. With our window installation and replacement services, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase its value.

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Jake Freeman

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