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Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Window Replacement Company

Window Replacement company

Replacing your windows can be one of the more important improvements that you do to your home. Window replacement companies are in high demand, but it is important to ensure that you select the best company for the job. Not every window company does a good job and some will even overcharge you!

So before you call the first company that pops up in your Google Search, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself and the window replacement company!

Ask About The Company

One of the first things you should do is find out more about the company. Who are they and how long have they been in business? You want to make sure these guys are exactly who they claim to be so you can feel confident that they will do a good job with your windows.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

How long has the company been in business is a good indicator of its overall experience. If they’ve been in business for many years, there’s a greater chance that they’ll be experienced in the industry. Experience matters when you are looking at window replacement companies.

Are They Local?

Where are they located? If they are in another state, is it far enough that travel will be an issue? It is always best to work with someone local so if something comes up with your windows, there is no question of who to call.

Look For Reviews

Another thing you can do for window replacement companies in your area is to look them up online for reviews. See how others think of their service and whether or not anyone has had any bad experiences.

You want someone who works quickly and does their job well and reviews can really show you whether they can deliver that.

Ask About Their Services

Once you’ve done your research on the company and you think you’ve found a good window replacement professional, it’s time to call them up and ask about their services. Here are a couple of questions to consider asking them directly.

Are They Insured Properly?

Ask whether or not the company you are looking into is insured. This way if there were to be any damage during the time they’re working on your home, you’ll have some form of protection. Plus you want to make sure you work with a company that does things correctly.

How Long Will My Window Replacement Take?

Because every house is different, it’s important to find out how long each window replacement will take. Having a timeline gives you more of an idea of when you can expect and ensure that it fits around your time and schedule.

Do They Provide a Warranty?

You will want to make sure that the company you work with provides a warranty. It gives you an extra level of protection and peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their service.

You can usually expect some kind of labor warranty of around a year. If they don’t offer any kind at all, consider going elsewhere.

Do They Specialize in Your Window Type?

Lastly, it’s time to find out if they specialize in your window type. This way you know that you are going with someone who does all of their windows right. If you’re looking for new windows, there are many different types of replacement windows available, so make sure the company you work with is experienced in all or most of these styles:

  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Picture Windows/Slider Windows  

Making sure your window replacement professional specializes in your type of window ensures that they’ll be able to deliver high-quality service on time and without any delays.

Other things to consider

If you are at this point, then you have a pretty good idea on who you want to work with and they’ve answered most of your important questions.

However, there are a couple more to think about for more peace of mind and reassurance that you picked the right window replacement agency.

Payments and Terms

You have to ask about their payment terms and how you will pay for the window replacement.

Do they accept credit cards? Are they able to offer a range of prices with different budgets in mind? If so, then when can you expect your quote from them?

Unexpected Costs

Your windows will get worn down over time, but that doesn’t mean your normal repairs should cost more than expected. One way to avoid this is by asking the company about everything that is included in their estimate and if there are any unexpected costs.

Find out exactly how much your window replacement will cost before moving forward.

How Your Windows Will Be Installed

It’s a good thing to ask them how they plan on installing your windows. If it isn’t going to be done correctly or safely, you don’t want to work with them at all.

There are some who use improper installation methods which can lead to leaks and other problems down the road!

Free Estimates

It is always best to get an estimate from the company before any work begins. This way there are no surprises later on and you can be sure that everything will be done properly. Window replacement costs can vary, so it’s good to know this upfront.

Call them up and see if they will provide you with a free window replacement estimate.

Ask For References

They should be more than happy to provide references if given a decent amount of notice. It’ll give you a chance to talk to someone who has actually worked with the company in question.

If they have a good list of reviews, you may not need to do this, but is an option to ensure that you’re picking the best window replacement company.

Choosing The Best Window Replacement Company

These are all of the questions you should be asking yourself and the contractor when looking for a window replacement company. This may seem like a big list, but if you want to make sure you are hiring the right and best company, doing your research first is critical.


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