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Roof Repair Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Roof repair

Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting experiences a person will ever have in their lifetime. The sheer happiness associated with finding the home of your dreams that is within your budget and ready to move into is truly life-changing. 

Unfortunately, discovering any problems with the roof can turn a fun and exciting situation into a terrifying ordeal instantly. As a new homeowner, there are several roof repair tips that you should know.

Recognizing the Signs of Roof Damage

To know if you need an emergency roof repair, the first thing that you will have to do is identify the damage. Unfortunately, high winds, hail, and other factors can lead to your roof suffering damage during a severe storm or another weather-related event. 

Storms do not have to be considered natural disasters in order for your roof to suffer some type of damage. For this reason, it is important to inspect your roof after any strong storm in order to determine if there is any damage. It is important that you look for various problems on your roof to determine if you need an emergency roof repair.

Check for Any Water Spots on Your Ceilings

One of the most obvious signs that your roof has been damaged or leaking will is noticeable spots of water on your ceilings. While examining the ceiling in your home, look for any yellow or brown spots. These spots could indicate that there is a leak on the roof, and it is now causing water to penetrate through.

Water spots on the roof could also mean that there is moisture trapped in your attic. However, if the water spots on your ceiling are caused by moisture in the attic, it is typically a problem that occurs over time. If you notice any sudden and large spots of water on the ceiling, it may indicate that you have a leak and you need a roof repair as soon as possible.

Look for Any Loose or Missing Shingles

After any large storm or weather event, it is a good idea to walk around your property and look for any loose or missing shingles. You may find broken-off shingles laying in your yard or around the base of your home. If you notice that there are any shingles missing, it is a sign that you do need an emergency roof repair performed. Not only are missing shingles unattractive, but they can lead to more serious problems associated with water penetrating through the roof and entering your home.

Check if There Are Any Roof Granules Missing

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, there is a top layer that consists of fine granules. These granules provide your roof with the first layer of defense against any debris or harsh weather conditions. When debris and hail strike the shingles, it can cause the granules to fall off. If this happens, you may notice various on your shingles’ surfaces. 

If you spot any granules missing from the surface of your shingles, it is important to schedule a roof repair. You do not want this issue to go unaddressed for too long, as it could result in leaking.

Look for Any Dented or Cracked Shingles

Another problem associated with harsh weather conditions that you may see on your roof is damage to the shingles. When harsh wind conditions pass through the area, it can cause the shingles to lift up without actually detaching. When this happens, it can cause damage, such as denting or cracking. Dented or cracked shingles could indicate that you may have a problem with leaking in the very near future.

See if There Was Light Shining Through Your Attic

Another notable sign that could indicate that you need a roof repair in the near future would be noticing light shining through in the attic. If your attic is not finished, you may see the light shining through the roof boards and into the room. This is a very clear and obvious sign that you have some significant damage to the roof. If you notice light shining through the attic, you should place a tarp down right away to prevent water from penetrating through the surface. It is important to schedule a roof repair immediately.

Emergency Roof Repair Tips

If you are dealing with an emergency situation with your roof, there are a few things that you should do to prevent further damage. Additionally, it is important that you get a roof repair scheduled right away. By doing the following, it can help to save yourself money, time, and energy.

Perform an Inspection as Soon as Possible

If your roof is subjected to harsh weather conditions, it is important that you perform a roof inspection as soon as possible. Performing a walk-through of your property and looking for damage can help to ensure that you are able to identify any potential problems in a timely manner in order to get them fixed.

Document Any Problems That You Find

If you notice any problems, you should take pictures and make notes of any issues. Write down anything that you may think needs a roof repair. Should you have to file a claim with your insurance company for repairs, having this information available is vital.

Cover the Roof With a Tarp if Possible

If you notice any damage to your roof, it is important that you cover it until you can schedule a roof repair. Covering the roof or damaged area with a tarp can prevent water from penetrating through the surface. This can prevent further moisture damage or water damage inside your home.

Schedule of Roof Repair

If you have any damage to your roof and you need to schedule roof repair, feel free to reach out to our team at Freeman Exteriors as soon as possible. Our team can come out and determine the extent of the damage for you. We can also provide you with a free estimate and the timeline regarding how long you can expect the repairs to take. Contact our team now to get started.

Jake Freeman

Jake Freeman

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