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Why Sliding Windows May Be the Best Option for Your Home

Sliding windows

Sliding windows, also called gliding windows, are a type of window that has two or more sashes and opens from side to side along grooves that are made into the frame. These windows function in the same manner as a double-hung window and open horizontally instead of up and down. 

Sliding windows provide a lot of advantages, and they work incredibly well in various different spaces. When it comes to selecting windows for your home, it is important that you take into consideration the benefits that sliding windows can provide.

The Benefits of Sliding Windows

It is undeniable that sliding windows are an excellent addition to any home. These windows have the ability to be truly customized with a variety of different window options. This includes the type of glass, incorporating any interior or exterior color options of your choice, insulating gas, decorative grades, hardware finishes, and even etched glass patterns. This provides homeowners with the freedom and flexibility to find the window that fits perfectly in their space. Some of the other benefits of sliding windows include:

Provide You With Unobstructed Views of the Outside

Sliding windows work extremely well when it comes to providing unobstructed views of the outdoors. Due to the fact that sliding windows are generally wider than most other types of windows, they are more expansive. As a result, homeowners are provided a larger horizontal view of the outdoor space. 

Allows More Natural Light Inside

Given the width of sliding windows, homeowners benefit immensely by allowing an increased amount of natural lighting into their space. This can eliminate the need to have large artificial lighting inside of the home. 

They Are Extremely Energy Efficient

Unlike other types of windows, sliding windows can function perfectly without all of the complicated moving parts. This allows the windows to be closed much easier and more secure. When secured properly, sliding windows prevent unwanted heat from entering inside. It also helps to keep cool air inside during the warm summer days. As a result, homeowners can benefit greatly from having a more consistent temperature inside their homes. The increased energy efficiency can work exceptionally well when it comes to keeping the energy bill lower. In addition, homeowners have the ability to purchase energy-efficient glass in order to increase their level of energy efficiency even more.

They Are Relatively Low Maintenance

When compared to other types of windows, sliding windows typically require less maintenance. These windows do not have any springs or pulleys. As a result, they are not subject to wear and failing over time. Due to the uncomplicated design and structure, sliding windows are very easy to maintain inside of your home.

They Increase Ventilation

Sliding windows provide you with the opportunity to open up both sides at one time. As a result, you can enjoy increased ventilation inside of your home by letting more fresh air in. 

They Are Extremely Easy to Use

Sliding windows are incredibly easy to use. They open and close extremely easily, allowing you to do so with very little effort. The window sashes slide over rollers, which lets you move the window panes with a simple push of a finger.

Due to the ease of use, many people find sliding windows to be a great option when installed in places where it can generally be difficult to reach them in order to open or close them. This can include places like over a kitchen sink.

They Are Very Easy to Clean

It is undeniable that it can be incredibly hard to clean most types of windows. This is especially true with windows that overlap when they open. Thankfully, sliding windows do not do this. Instead, you actually lift the windowpanes out with ease in order to clean them. This allows you to clean the windows in their entirety much easier and without straining.

Despite the large size of sliding windows, they are typically very affordable. This makes them one of the best options for even the most budget-cautious homeowners.

Rooms Were Sliding Windows Work Best

Sliding windows work well inside the home. However, there are various places where sliding windows make a perfect choice. 

Rooms With Low Ceilings

Rooms that have low ceilings can benefit significantly by having smaller and wider windows. Sliding windows can give the impression that the room is much larger than it is. It can also provide you with increased lighting for the small space and make the room feel much more open.

Rooms With Limited Ventilation

When rooms have low ventilation, sliding windows can allow them to open up more than other types of windows. This makes them a great option for these spaces, particularly in apartments and other locations that only have windows in the front and rear of the structure.

Smaller Rooms

When sliding windows are placed into small spaces, they can enhance the comfort of the area and make it appear much bigger. It also allows more natural light and allows for expansive views into the space. It is ideal to play sliding windows higher up on the wall in order to allow much more light and ventilation into the space while still giving the person inside privacy.

Large Rooms

Sliding windows provide you with the opportunity to add three pains to the space in order to maximize the amount of light that enters in. This is particularly helpful in large areas.

Rooms With Hard-To-Reach Places

Due to the fact that sliding windows are much easier to use than other types of windows, they make perfect fits inside locations that are harder to reach. This can include locations over bathtubs and over sinks.

Let Freeman Exteriors Help With Your Sliding Windows

If you are interested in installing siding windows into your home, contact our team today at Freeman Exteriors. Our team has extensive experience installing windows in homes across Illinois and Indiana. Our team can help you with all of your window needs. Feel free to reach out to our team now for a free estimate to get started on your window project.

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Jake Freeman

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