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Common Mistakes with Roof Repairs and How to Avoid Them

mistakes with roof repairs

Are your roof shingles damaged or missing, and your roof is saggy? If so, your roof needs repair.

Timely roof repair helps you avoid leaks that can lead to water damage. Roof repair also helps in increasing your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Besides, getting your roof repaired on time saves you from costly future repairs. However, there are common mistakes with roof repairs that most people make. Such mistakes can prevent you from enjoying the benefits of roof repairs.

If such mistakes are not noted and corrected on time, they can lead to a serious leak when it rains. Such mistakes can also affect the life span of your roof. Not to mention if such mistakes are not corrected on time, they could make your roof warranty void.

So, do you want to know the common mistakes with roof repairs that people make so you can avoid them? If so, you are in the right place.

Here are the common mistakes with roof repairs and how to avoid them

Misdiagnosing the Issue

When inspecting your roof, you should find the issues’ location and determine the reason behind the issue. Repairing your roof without fully diagnosing the cause of the issues is a big mistake.

For example, if you find the shingles are curled, you might be tempted to replace them without determining the element making them curl. In such a case, even the new shingles will end up getting curled too.

To avoid such a case, you must understand the location and the cause of the roofing issue before carrying out repairs. If you can’t diagnose the issues yourself, you can use online resources or contact roofing professionals.

Misaligned Roof Shingles

You must ensure the roof shingles are properly aligned during roof repairs. Misaligned shingles are likely to occur if you hire inexperienced roofers.

Such roofers might replace the shingles based on color, not the right original replacement. Your roof repair will fail in such a case, and when it starts to rain, your roof will definitely leak.

Thus, before repairing roof shingles, ensure they match your building specifications. Also, ensure they are of the right quality and thickness. If you rely on roofers to install the shingles for you, ensure to hire experienced and qualified ones.

Such roofers are unlikely to get it wrong when choosing roof shingles that are a good fit for your roof.

Improper Roof Slope

The slope of your roof is essential in reducing the extent of water damage that can occur to your home. The slope is the rise over the horizontal plane per specific unit distance.

The slope of your roof will depend on the roofing material and the design of your house. If you get it wrong with your roof’s slope, water, snow, and ice meet will sit on the roof for longer than expected.

This increases the chances of your roof being damaged by water. To avoid such a case, ensure to research the roof slope that will be a good fit for your roofing material.

You can also ask for advice from an expert on the best roofing slop that would be a good fit for your type of home.

Reusing Flashing

Roof flashing is a metallic structure designed to direct the water from your roof to the ground. In most instances, both professional roofers and individuals are tempted to reuse the flushing.

Old flashing is prone to quick wear, and tear and gest distorted quickly. After the flashing wears out, it leaves exposed nails, creating a good passage for water leaks.

Besides, distorted flashing cannot direct the water properly from your roof to the ground. This increases the chances of your roof and home’s foundation getting damaged by water.

Forgetting the Attic

When repairing your roof, you might be tempted to focus on what you can see. But if you repair the areas of your roof within your sight and forget underneath, you might have to make another repair soon.

Besides, if your attic is not in good condition, it’s a big compromise on the structural integrity of your home. If your attic is the cause of all the troubles, you might carry out unending roof repairs on the wrong areas.

To avoid such a case, you should also evaluate the condition of your attic during roof repairs. Ensure there is proper attic ventilation, and no water damage signs are present.

Not Hiring a Professional

The biggest mistake you can make is not hiring professionals to handle roof repairs. Most roof repairs are complicated and cannot just be handled by anyone.

You must have the right training, experience, and roof repair equipment to handle such repairs perfectly. If you hire professional roof repairs, they will ensure all the issues with your roof are diagnosed before doing repairs.

They will also ensure the shingles are matching to avoid any potential leaks. Besides, a roof repair company will help you save money and time during the repairs.

Too Many Layers

You might be tempted to put new shingles over old ones when doing roof repairs. This might be essential in giving your roof an extra layer of protection; however, it will make your roof too heavy.

If you reside in areas where snowing is common, your roof could cave in come winter. To avoid such a case, it’s better to replace any roof layers that are damaged or rotten completely rather than putting other layers on top of them.

Avoid the Common Mistakes With Roof Repairs 

Roof repairs improves your roof’s life span and help avert water damages. However, people make common mistakes with roof repairs that lead to such repairs being a total failure.

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