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A Homeowner’s Guide to Window Maintenance

window maintenance

Your windows are the eyes to your home’s soul. However, as homeowners, we don’t give much thought to window maintenance. After dressing them up with window treatments and cleaning the panes occasionally to remove smudges and spots, it’s done.

Windows are momentous to your home’s comfort, functionality, and curb appeal. They protect you against dust, water, pollen, extreme temperature, allow in sunlight, ventilation, and more. Also, windows help to prevent noise pollution, thus giving you restful days and nights.

But do you know without proper maintenance, your windows’ integrity is compromised? If ignored, some trivial issues such as chipped paint or stuck sash can escalate to become costly repairs. This is not what you want, is it?

Regular maintenance is imperative to keep your widow’s energy-efficient, operating properly, and to look as good as new. But apart from cleaning the glass and installing window treatments, how else do you maintain them in a mint condition?

If you are wondering how you can maintain your windows, you landed on the right page. Read more to learn crucial window care tips.

Inspect Your Windows Annually

Carrying out an annual home check-up is an important element of preventative home maintenance. Here, you’ll want to examine your windows with a critical eye to pinpoint any imperfections.

During the inspection, check for paint or material cracks, leaks, chipped paint, and sealant breaks or cracks. And don’t forget to check on issues with sliding sashes.

Also, don’t ignore any improper drainage or leaks around or above vents and sprinkler systems. Extended exposure to these elements will cause water damage to your windows. These check-ups are crucial after big storms, especially if you think the windows have sustained hail damage.

In addition, examine for holes, tears, and rips in the screen, which could allow pollen, water, dirt, and bugs inside your home. If your window screen is compromised, consider prompt window repair or replacement to prevent the damage.

Check for Caulking Around Windows

The caulking or sealant around the windows helps to make them watertight. In case the window sealant is broken, cracked, or missing, this implies water can find its way inside your house. Thus, such a problem needs to be fixed promptly after it is identified to avoid major and worse issues.

Remember, when it comes to water damage, even a minor leak on the caulking can be devastating. Walk around your home inspecting window caulking, especially on the bottom corners and in between windows

Check for Imperfections in the Wood Finish

The wood paint or finish keeps the windows appealing and also protects against element damage. However, extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays will damage the finish, which compromises the protection. Also, this will happen inside your homes, causing costly damages such as furniture fading.

Check on both the exterior and interior window finish for peeling, cracking, or corrosion. Just in case it’s not in the right condition, find a professional window company to help with refinishing the wood.

Clean and Lubricate Window Tracks

Do you know clean window tracks are more important than a clean window pane? Well, while cleaning the glass is for aesthetic appeal, cleaning tracks ensure the windows remain functional. If dirt, grime, and debris accumulate on window tracks, operating it becomes hard as it gets stuck.

However, you can easily prevent this by regular clearing away of the build-up on tracks. Use a dry brush to clean the window tracks to ensure smooth opening and closing of your windows. If the grime can’t be removed using a brush, use soap and water.

Also, ensuring the opening and closing mechanism is well lubricated also helps to prevent windows from getting stuck. Also, apply oil-free lubricant on the weatherstripping. Don’t use an oil-based lubricant that attracts grime and dust on the window tracks making it harder to operate the window.

Check the Window Fit

If your windows are old, chances are they don’t fit as well as it was when first installed. General wear and tear from daily use, exposure to elements, and changing temperatures have effects. They cause subtle alterations to the shape and size of your windows and window frames.

If your windows have a bad fit, then their performance will obviously deteriorate. The common effect of this is increased energy bills due to air escaping outside. Also, the gaps will allow water inside your house which can cause costly damages.

Thoroughly examine your windows for a perfect fit. If your windows aren’t opening or closing completely or won’t lock completely, there could be an issue with window fit.

 Check on Hardware and Mechanics

Mist residential windows are designed to move on railings or open and shut like a door. When the hardware structure is not made-up of aluminum, then rusting will occur at some point. Consider cleaning and removing water from the hinges and railing to avoid this.

Take Extra Caution If You Live Near Ocean

Salty conditions are very corrosive to materials such as vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows. Thus, if your home is near the ocean, expect more tears and damage from your windows. This implies you’ll need to carry out a windows inspection more than once every year.

Also, you must clean your windows at least four times every year to alleviate any accumulated corrosive salt. During the clean-up, use clean water and mild detergent for a thorough job. To prevent extensive damage to your windows and frames, consider using types of windows designed for salty conditions.

These Are Tips for Homeowner’s Window Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your residential windows has so many perks. You’ll reduce monthly utility bills, improve their functionality and enrich the overall curb appeal of your home. Thus, consider regular window maintenance to keep your home windows on top performance.

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