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7 Warning Signs You Need a Window Replacement

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Do you feel that your home needs new windows? If so, calling the right window replacement company is invaluable.

The market size of the U.S. window installation industry is USD4.6 billion. A wrong company for your window problems will cause more damages to your property. So, have the right guide for choosing the best window replacement company.

Quality window replacement service will add value and curb appeal to your home. You will also enjoy more safety and privacy.

Would you love to know the key signs you need to call a window replacement company? Keep reading to learn more on the subject.

1. Loud Outside Noises

Loud outdoor noises will prevent you from enjoying your sleep or a good movie. Good windows should not let unwanted noises into your room.

Windows with dual panes are the best for blocking outside noises. They make the sound waves travel slower, making the indoors quieter.

If outside noises disturb you, it’s time you call us. We install windows with dual glass panes.

There are reasons why you should consider dual glass pane windows. First, they are dense, enabling them to block the outside noise.

They are also not porous. They don’t have small holes for leaking sound into your house.

Again, ensure that your new windows have insulating frames. You should also consider airtight installation.

Quietness inside your house will give you peace of mind.

2. Window Leaks

These are common window problems that can damage your home. They cause moisture buildup inside the house, resulting in mold growth.

Molds release toxic gases, causing breathing problems. So, don’t risk the health of your family – hire a window replacement company.

Window leaks can also damage your property’s walls. Molds damage indoor walls paint, reducing the home’s value and aesthetic appeal.

These window problems also cause water pooling. This will, of course, damage your home’s foundation.

There are several things to check when you notice the problem. First, it’s the sealant. Damaged window sealant causes window leaks.

Most likely, the previous window installer wasn’t excellent. The window materials and angles may also not be perfect.

We will avoid all mistakes when installing your new windows.

3. Broken/Cracked Glass Window Panes

If you have playful kids, this could be a common problem. It’s not possible to repair broken glass window panes. Replacing them is the best solution.

Cracks can be common if your windows have insulated or double glass panes. Changes in weather conditions cause pressure cracks to such windows.

Cracked windows allow cold air into the room, making it uncomfortable. They can also damage the exterior look of your house.

Hiring an expert for replacement is the best thing to do. We are the professional window contractor you need for your window installation and replacement.

Broken glass can also threaten your safety. The shattered window chips can easily cause injuries when stepped on.

Reach us and get your cracked windows replaced today.

4. Difficult to Operate

You should be able to open and close your windows effortlessly. It’s frustrating to have windows that can’t operate easily and quickly.

Forcefully operating your windows can cause more damages. The window frames or glass panes can crack.

You may even injure yourself. A professional window replacement company is the best solution for this problem.

Here, you don’t have to incur extreme costs on replacement. Professional window repair can also serve you best.

If you have double or single hung windows, dust and debris may be causing this problem. Freeman Exteriors will clean your window frames. We also apply the best lubricants after cleaning your windows for easier operation.

If your windows have damaged caulks, we will excellently replace them.

5. Poor Curb Appeal

Windows are among the first exterior features people see. Damaged windows decline the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties.

Immediately your windows style starts to deteriorate, seek help. Call a professional window replacement company.

Old windows may have outdated styles. Their designs and colors decline with time. Only new and stylish windows can make a difference.

There are several things to consider when getting new windows. Ensure that they have stylish frames. The frames and mullions should be colorful.

Your home’s décor and architectural style also matter. The style of your new windows should match them.

There are many stylish windows the company can install in your home. Examples are double-hung windows, sliding, awning, and casement windows.

6. Extreme Utility Bills

Windows cause 25-30 percent of the home energy used by heating and cooling systems. Damaged windows increase monthly electricity bills.

Cracked windows allow cold or hot air into the house. So, HVAC systems overwork as a way of regulating indoor temperatures.

Winter causes window drafts. This translates to high utility bills and possible financial burdens.

Don’t only check your thermostat – check your windows for cracks.

Ensure that the window replacement company installs energy-efficient windows to your home. Double and Triple-glazed windows are the best energy-efficient window options.

Energy-efficient windows prevent window condensation. Besides saving money, you’ll also enjoy a comfortable home.

7. Decay on Window Frames

Water damage makes wooden window frames decay quickly. Besides decayed window frames, water damage also causes window condensation.

Decayed window frames will decline the value of your home. Selling it for good cash offers may not be possible.

Again, they may also attract pests like furniture beetles. This will definitely cause more damages to other furniture items in your house.

Of course, decayed window frames will decline indoor air quality. This will make your house more uncomfortable.

Although window repair is good, it may not be a lasting solution. You need a professional window replacement service.

Hire a Window Replacement Company Today

Window damage will decline the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. Window repair solutions are good but not as lasting as window replacement services.

Call a professional window replacement company immediately to avoid further damages if you note the above signs.

Do you need a window replacement company? At Freeman Exteriors, we’re competent in window installation and replacement, window repair, window cleaning, weatherproofing window frame repair, and window shutter installation.

Check out our page for more information.


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