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8 Types of Windows Every Homeowner Should Know


Have you ever lived in a place without any windows? Chances are probably not and for good reason. Windows are a staple in every space and home because of all the major benefits they provide; letting light in and the ability to see outside being the main ones. 

Homeowners don’t often think about all of the different types of windows available to them. When taken care of, windows last for a very long time so they’re not something that’s replaced often. But in the event that you do have to get a new window, it’s helpful to know what your options are to be able to choose the best fit for your space. 

We’ve compiled the complete guide to window types with everything you need to know about each of them. 

1. Single-Hung Window 

In almost every home you’re very likely to find a single-hung window somewhere. These windows are some of the most common because they easily make a space more functional. 

For a single-hung window, the top half of the window is a solid pane that doesn’t move. But the bottom half can open and close upwards and downwards. As you open or close them you can decide how much air to let in or not, which makes them a very popular choice. 

These windows are commonly on the smaller end of the scale so they can fit into a variety of spaces. 

2. Double-Hung Window

If the option to only open the bottom half of a single-hung window won’t work for you and you want more options, consider a double-hung window instead. 

These windows can open from both the top down and the bottom up, giving you more freedom to customize the airflow throughout the space. They will be much heavier than the single option, so using professionals for installation and any future repairs is a smart choice. 

Double-hung windows are a unique addition to any space that gives character and interest. 

3. Casement Window

A casement window has similar benefits to the single-hung and double-hung options but they operate slightly differently. Instead of opening up or down, the casement window opens outwards as the windowpane swings on a hinge. 

The benefit of using this type of window is that the whole window can open, instead of just a portion. This allows you to maximize the airflow throughout the space. And when they’re closed, it’s often a much tighter seal giving you more energy efficiency overall. It’s also a unique look many homeowners love. 

4. Bay Window

When you’re looking to make a big statement, it’s time to look at a bay window option. These windows jut out from the home creating a small extra space in the room with three sides of glass. 

For years, these bay windows have been used in living or family rooms as a way to create more seating and a focal point. With how much you can see out and around the home, it’s easy to see why they’ve been a favorite for so many years. 

5. Picture Window

One of the big draws to adding in more windows to your home is to be able to get fresh air but sometimes that’s not necessary for a particular space. In that case, the best window is definitely a picture window.

A picture window gives you the benefit of the natural light and view of the outside with an extremely tight seal. These windows are often much larger than those that can open, giving you the freedom to customize the look more fully. To get the most enjoyment out of your large picture window, you’ll want to keep it as clean and clear as possible!  

6. Slider Window 

But what if you want the big picture window but also the ability to open it for fresh air? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what the slider window is for. 

These windows have the ability to slide open from one side to the other. Because they don’t require special mechanisms for that motion, they can be much larger than other opening windows. 

Slider windows have become more and more popular as more homes have been built and homeowners want all the options available to them. 

7. Decorative Window

Any window adds to the overall look and feel of a home, they can really bring the space up a level just by being there. But if you want to kick things up another notch, you’ll want to look into decorative windows. 

These are windows that have some extra design element to them; stained glass, unique shapes, or grid overlays. When you add this type of window to your space it truly becomes a piece of artwork instead of just part of the background. 

If you have a window that needs replacing, it’s a good time to look into decorative options. 

8. Clerestory Window 

Most people love windows because of the light and allow you to look out. But that also means that you can see into the home as well which can be a downside for some spaces. 

When that’s the case, you can still get the benefits of more natural light but avoid the privacy issues by installing a clerestory window. 

A clerestory window is generally a long rectangular shape and they’re always installed on the higher portion of the wall. This gives you room underneath to decorate and add interest while enjoying natural light. 

Types of Windows For Every Home 

Windows add so much to a space, they make everything come alive. Without them, we’d all be living in rooms that felt like dark, cold caves with no life around us. 

Once you’ve chosen your new window, you’ll want to work with a professional to get it installed in your space. Getting the installation right will make a huge difference in how long it lasts and how it affects the space overall. And then if an issue arises down the line, you’ll know who to call!  

If you’re in need of any service on your windows from installation to cleaning, contact us today for a consultation! 

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