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8 Signs You Need to Replace Windows in Your Home

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Do your windows need replacing?

As winter approaches, our windows are a vital part of keeping our homes warm, cozy, and well ventilated. It’s important they’re in top condition. But you might not even know what to look for to check their condition.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these eight signs you may need to replace windows in your home.

1. There Is a Draft Even With the Windows Shut

Check your windows to see if you still feel a draft, even when they’re shut. There could be a few reasons for this, from bad insulation to broken seals.

But a draft from your windows can have a big impact on the temperature in your home. It can also cause your HVAC or heating system to work harder to keep up with the temperature change.

If you have this issue, it’s important you find out where it’s coming from. It might be the case that your window frames need replacing, so get someone in to check right away.

2. You Struggle With Opening, Closing & Locking Your Windows

If your windows are old or weren’t installed right you can get balance issues down the line. This makes it a struggle to open, close, or lock the windows.

Or, in older windows, it’s not uncommon for rust or rot to set in. This can also cause difficulties when trying to use them. If you struggle to use your windows, then you need to get them looked at.

Especially if you can’t lock them. Otherwise, you could be putting the safety of your home and belongings at risk. You don’t want to encourage a break-in.

3. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

One big sign to look for in unexpected rises in your energy bills. There could be many reasons for this, like HVAC issues or it could be your windows need replacing.

As we’ve seen, drafts can cause temperatures to fluctuate in your home. As a result, your HVAC or heating system is having to work harder to keep the temperature even.

The harder your system needs to work, the more energy it uses. And this will cause your bills to rise. Your bills should actually rise and fall in line with the temperature as you move from winter to summer.

If your windows are old, damaged, and need replacing, it’s likely you’re wasting a lot of heat. Heat that your system is working harder to produce in the first place.

Older, single-paned windows are prone to damage and aren’t energy-efficient. It’s worth replacing with new windows that are energy-efficient. Their design means they help keep that warm air inside your home instead of escaping. Which will help lower your energy bills.

4. Your Frames are Showing Decay or Leaking

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth noting. One of the biggest signs to look for is decay on your frames or leaks. Especially if you still have wooden windows.

Too much moisture can spiral out of control with wooden windows. As the moisture builds up, it can soften the wood and encourage further damage.

Not only does this stop your windows from protecting your home, but it can also be a safety hazard. So, if you notice any signs of serious decay on your window frames, it’s a sign you need to change them.

Repairing them won’t fix this issue, it’ll only kick the can further down the road. If your window is leaking in water, for example, it’s an issue but it’s not the issue.

The problem is the build-up of moisture. And the only way to actually fix that and prevent it from happening again is to replace the windows. A patch job won’t cut it.

5. There is Too Much Sound Getting in

Stand by your windows and wait for a car to come past. How far away can you hear it from? Single (and even double) paned windows will bring in sound from outside into your home.

But, if too much sound is getting in, your peaceful sanctuary will sound more like a busy highway. So much for peace and quiet! If you’re getting too much noise in your home, then it’s a sign your windows aren’t up to scratch.

The latest energy-efficient windows aren’t only there to boost energy efficiency. Their design actually helps absorb noise from outside, before it can get in and cause a nuisance.

6. You’re Getting Condensation Between the Panes

If you notice a lot of condensation or a lot between the window panes, you should consider new windows. It’s a big sign that the seals are failing, and that isn’t an issue you can fix with ease.

For seal failure, you might have the option to replace your glass panes. But this is something you need to talk to the window manufacturer about.

In a lot of cases, you’ll need to replace the window completely. This is the easier, and most hassle-free route. It’s recommended if you are suffering from a condensation issue.

7. You Have Cracks in the Window Panes

Another serious issue you need to address head-on is cracking in your window panes. It’s not only horrible to look at, but it can be dangerous. It will also reduce your home’s energy efficiency.

Sometimes, you can get away with replacing the cracked glass in question. But in some cases, you’re better off replacing the window as a whole.

If your windows are over 15 years old, or they’re the originals, it’s better to replace them. It’s likely other issues will start cropping up soon.

For example, replacing the pane only for the seal to break would be a waste of money. Replacing them at this point would more than likely save you money further down the line.

8. Your Windows Look Out of Place and Outdated

In some cases, your windows will work well enough, but they start to look outdated and old. When you’re trying to repaint and spruce up the outside, outdated windows can let your home down.

Nowadays, curb appeal is as important as a nice looking interior. And a surefire way to do this is to make sure your windows are modern and up-to-date with a replacement.

With a variety of styles and colors on the market, you’ll be able to get high-quality windows to suit every home. You’ll find the perfect ones that’ll blend right in and help give your exterior the little boost it needs. Paired with the perfect window treatments, they’ll boost the interior too.

Replace Windows in Your Home With Ease

So, there you have it! Now you know these eight signs you need to replace windows, you’ll know what to look for.

It’s important that you address any issues with your windows as soon as possible. A broken seal, crack or openings that don’t work aren’t a minor thing.

They can be a hazard, and compromise the safety of your home. Not to mention lower your energy-efficiency and see bills soar through the roof.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, contact us today. At Freeman Exteriors, we have the experience and knowledge to help with all your window needs.

Jake Freeman

Jake Freeman

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