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8 Alarming Warning Signs of Siding Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

siding damage

Your home’s siding should last anywhere from 20 to 40 years after it’s installed.

There are other problems that can shorten its lifespan, but sometimes there are things you simply shouldn’t ignore. Whether it’s warping or unusual water damage, we’re here to walk you through the times you should always seek out help from a professional.

Read on to learn about eight of the biggest signs of siding damage and how you can fix them.

1. There’s Always an Issue

Does it seem like there’s always something wrong with your siding?

There are a lot of issues you can find by simply looking at the surface. If there’s bubbling, cracking, and/or peeling on the paint or surface layer of your siding, that’s a surefire sign there’s something more serious going on underneath.

More often than not, this issue is trapped moisture. If you notice these problems consistently showing up every few years, your siding likely has a deeper issue and might need to be replaced altogether.

2. Warping or Drooping

Warping, drooping, or rippling happens over time, and it’s not a good look for your home. It’s can mean that your siding isn’t equipped to protect your home from the elements, and it can even attract water into your home’s structure.

Poor installation can be one cause for this happening, but it can also simply be from age. After years of expanding and contracting over the seasons, it can eventually warp or show other signs of damage. A good contractor, however, can tell you whether or not the damage is repairable or if it has to be replaced. 

3. Unusual Mildew or Stains

If you notice any strange stains or other signs of mildew, it’s important to heed the warning. These dark spots are going to look like water has dripped down the side of your house, and it can point to improper sealing.

When your siding isn’t properly sealed, siding can allow rainwater to get trapped behind the siding, leading to rot and other stains. Mildew, however, is going to look like a collection of dark spots that you notice growing. Either way, it means your siding is being exposed to far too much moisture.

4. Water Damage

If you do notice these problems, try taking a look at your siding after the rain. Is the water lingering for a long time? Is it turning your siding darker colors, almost like it’s soaking the water in?

This is, again, a sign of improper sealing and it’s important to call in a contractor.

If this problem goes ignored, you’re exposing your home to further water damage, which can cause other issues and you might end up replacing more than the siding. 

5. High Energy Bill

Has your energy bill increased at all? If you’ve recently moved into your home, does it seem like it’s too high? While you might not suspect siding, that’s exactly what the cause of this could be. There are other things you should consider before ruling out this area of your home, but it’s definitely a factor you should consider before moving forward.

If your siding is old, shabby, or damaged, the home wrap underneath the siding could be the reason behind it. This material is created to be energy-efficient and to provide a major moisture barrier, but if your siding is old then it can have a hard time doing its job.

6. Pests

This is an especially big concern if you have wooden or vinyl siding. Rotting wood is a major attraction for bugs and other pests. Not only can all those bugs cause damage, but they can attract animals like birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and even mice.

Those animals can then make themselves at home underneath your siding, leading your home to a lot more exposure to wildlife than you’ve ever wanted.

7. You’re Always Painting

Most homes need to be painted every 10 years, but if you notice that you’re painting yours every five and it still looks shabby, you could have other issues on your hands. The siding itself might even be the culprit here.

Good-quality siding is meant to hold its shape and size for at least a decade, so if you notice that it’s starting to not hold its color, then you should have it replaced. On the other hand, if you just had your siding installed and you’re noticing this problem, then it could be a problem with the installation itself.

8. Dents, Chips, Cracks

Weather events (especially hail) can lead to the occasional deck, chip, or crack, and they’re not usually a big deal. They don’t look that good, but you’re not likely to face any moisture as a result.

Larger chips and cracks, however, can expose the structure underneath the siding to water, leading to water damage or other potential problems.

It’s important to inspect your home regularly to keep an eye out for any damage that’s turned into something bigger. If you notice any problems, it’s essential to call out a contractor so you can have the problem addressed as soon as possible.

Do You Have Siding Damage?

If you’ve noticed any siding damage in your own home, it’s essential to address them as soon as possible. It might mean you need a replacement, which is essential to address before the damage begins moving to other parts of your home. The longer you allow some of these issues to linger, the more it’s going to end up costing you in the end.

Luckily, at Freeman Exteriors, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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Jake Freeman

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