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7 Reasons You Need Energy Efficient Windows ASAP

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Did you know that the Department of Energy has estimated that good-quality energy-efficient windows can help you save $125 to $465 on a yearly basis?

Not only do energy-efficient windows provide your home with better insulation, but it’s rather environmentally-friendly as well.

If you’re curious about the multitude of benefits that energy-efficient windows can provide, you’ve come to the right place. 

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the different types of energy-efficient window glass, and the top seven energy efficient window benefits that they can grant you.

Energy-Efficient Windows 101: Types of Glass

The truth of the matter is that if your current windows are original to your home, then you —most probably— have builder-grade single-pane windows.

In short, single-pane windows are exactly what they sound like, it’s a single pane of glass.

Besides, if you’re seeing signs that your windows are in dire need of replacement, then it’s the right time to switch to a better-quality energy-efficient windows. 

As it were, the issues with having one pane of glass range from the negligible amount of insulation for the outside climate to the substantial amount of leaking energy to the outside world. 

This brings us to the main types of energy-efficient window glass. You can either go with a double-pane glass or a triple-pane glass windows. 

Double-Pane Glass

If you’re on a budget, getting double-paned glass won’t break your wallet while boosting your home’s energy efficiency. 

By having two panes of glass, these windows will be able to block a big chunk of UV rays (around 80%) from entering your home.

At the same time, they will help keep your house temperature stable, as well as protect your furniture and flooring from fading due to the sunlight damage.

Triple-Pane Glass

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for maximum efficiency, then going for triple-pane glass is a great choice. 

Having three layers of glass will ensure that your house is well-insulated. In addition, these windows will have the capability of blocking 90% of the harmful UV rays. 

Key Energy Efficient Window Benefits

Now that you have the basics of energy-efficient windows down, it’s time to take a deep dive into their main benefits.

1. Premium Insulation

We’ve already mentioned how energy-efficient windows, with double or triple panes, can help with insulation. 

However, it deserves repeating that energy-efficient windows will keep in the heat during frigid Champaign winters. In addition, these windows will also protect your house’s interior from the heat during the summertime. 

2. Lower Energy Usage = Energy Savings

By having superior insulation capabilities, your windows will cut down on your energy use. 

Conserving energy usage will immediately translate into cost savings on your energy bills.

After all, if your air conditioner or heater doesn’t have to work as hard in order to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, then it won’t eat up more electricity than it has to.

Furthermore, check out whether your municipality offers tax credits for upgrading to energy-efficient windows. These can also take out a chunk of your taxes. 

3. Blocking Out the Noise

We’ve also spoken about energy-efficient windows blocking out harmful UV rays. However, we’ve neglected to mention that the insulation also applies to sound. 

If you live in an area with high degrees of noise pollution, like sirens, railroads, or even barking dogs, getting good-quality energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference in decreasing the unwanted noise. 

4. Protection Against Storm and Hurricane Damage

There’s nothing better than a severe thunderstorm (or three) to keep the residents of Champaign, IL on their toes. 

However, with solid energy-efficient windows in place, the glass is in a much better condition to handle strong winds and the battering of hail. 

5. Higher Quality With Lower Maintenance

It might seem counterintuitive at first. Yet, having energy-efficient windows can actually help you save up on maintenance costs.

When you take a look at condensation buildup, you’ll find that it’s greatly reduced with energy-efficient windows when compared to traditional single-paned windows. That’s due to the decreased energy transfer and better insulation.

Moreover, having less condensation will help keep mold and other moisture-related complications at bay.

Also, having the UV-resistant coating will not only aid with UV-resistance but also with minimizing dirt buildup and water spots. This can cut down on your cleaning time by a significant amount. 

6. Protecting Your Valuables

Whether it’s your vintage drapes, your lovely wooden floors, or even your old photographs that have been placed on your mantle, all of these objects are at risk of fading or discoloration due to the direct exposure to sunlight. 

Thankfully, with Energy Star certified windows, your home’s furniture and valuable objects will benefit from the sunscreen-like capabilities of your energy-efficient windows. 

7. Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

If you’ve been looking for ways for your household to be more environmentally-friendly, having energy-efficient is a sure way to do so via decreasing your carbon footprint. 

In the simplest terms, your personal carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are caused by your activities.

For example, driving your car, flying in planes, or even buying products that have been manufactured in a way that’s energy inefficient can all contribute to your personal carbon footprint. 

When it comes to your home energy use, this amount can contribute to up to 25% of your carbon footprint. Of course, this won’t only include your use of energy-efficient windows, but also other kinds of energy sources and appliances you use in your home. 

Yet, by simply having energy-efficient windows, you can significantly cut down on your use of energy, which —in turn— helps shrink your carbon footprint. 

Ready to Get Your New Set of Windows?

It might seem like a small change to get energy-efficient windows with minimal perks.

Yet, after learning all about the top energy efficient window benefits, you know just how beneficial it can be to make the change.

Your next step should be getting a free estimate to see how simple the process can truly be. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us and we’d be delighted to help you pick the right windows for you.


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