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When to Replace Windows? 5 Signs Your Windows Are Failing

when to replace windows

Is anyone else getting hot in here? If it’s starting to feel like the good outdoors is inside your home, you might want to check your windows. Chances are, your old windows are inviting the outdoor temperatures in for a visit.

That could leave your AC working double-time, which will only boost your energy bill for the month.

Old, outdated windows could cause between 25 and 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy use.

Don’t let your old windows eat away at your energy bill! Instead, learn when to replace windows by keeping an eye out for these signs. By learning when you need new windows, you can improve your energy use (and the temperature inside) as soon as possible.

Get started by reading this guide.

1. High Energy Bills

One of the main indicators of when to replace windows is your energy bill.

Are you starting to notice unexpected fluctuations in your bill? Before you decide you need new windows, take a closer look at your current ones.

Stand near your window with a candle or burning incense stick. Does the flame flicker or does the smoke drift toward your window? Chances are you have a draft.

Really old windows will have visible light leaking in through the flames, too. As another test, wait until it’s dark. Then, point a flashlight at your windows from the outside.

Does someone inside notice light spilling in through the frame?

Those gaps are causing outdoor temperatures to spill into your home as well. As a result, your AC is fighting to maintain indoor temperatures, causing the spike in your energy bills.

Most of the heat produced by your furnace or cool air from your air conditioner is escaping through these old windows. Newer windows, on the other hand, will improve your home’s energy efficiency. These newer windows are designed to prevent air from transferring in and out of your home.

Look for new windows that contain argon gas and low-emissivity (LoE) gases. These options can help you save money on your heating bills. LoE glass will help you maintain the intended temperature inside of your home.

Consider choosing an ENERGY STAR certified option, too. ENERGY STAR windows can reduce your energy bill by an average of 12%.

As a result, you can cut costs and live comfortably year-round.

2. Operating Issues

If you’re unsure when to replace windows, take the time to check the windows throughout your home. Open and close each one. Are they operating smoothly?

If you need to use a little force to open them or notice they’re swollen shut, it’s time for new windows.

Wood windows tend to operate poorly as they age. You might find it’s a chore or exercise just to get your windows open. Instead, replace your windows and ensure they open and close with ease!

3. Decaying Frames

Decaying window frames are another clear sign of bad windows. Wooden window frames are exposed to moisture over time. This can cause them to age and deteriorate.

When the moisture builds, it can also cause decay and safety issues.

If you notice your window frames are starting to rot, it’s time for new windows.

In addition to decaying, you might also notice your windows are leaking. Is water starting to leak through your windows? Make a note if you see water pooling on the floor beneath your windows as well.

Some people prefer to wait for their windows to stop leaking in the summer. However, it’s important to remember that moisture will lead to mold growth. Even the smallest amount of water can become detrimental to your home.

It’s important not to wait to replace your current windows. Instead, make the change as soon as possible. That way, you can avoid bigger (more expensive) problems down the road.

Other homeowners prefer to repair instead of replacing their windows.

However, repairing your windows won’t permanently fix the problem. When moisture builds up on your windows, it usually indicates a more significant issue. The only way to fix a leaky window and decaying frame is to replace your windows completely.

4. Soundproofing Issues

Are you noticing sounds from outside spilling into your home? You might hear children playing or a construction crew hard at work. Either way, that sound can become frustrating (especially if you’re trying to sleep in).

Stand by your window during the day. Wait for a car to drive by. Can you hear the car coming before you see it?

Single-pan and some double-pan windows tend to transfer sound vibrations from the street into your home. That noise can add up, costing you peace and quiet.

Look for a construction company that can offer new windows that are also energy efficient. Energy-efficient windows tend to absorb sound waves. That way, you won’t have to worry about frustrating, disturbing sounds from entering your home!

5. Condensation

Do you see condensation or fog build against your windows often?

First, you’ll need to determine what kind of condensation you’re seeing. Not all condensation is bad.

Where is the condensation appearing on the window? Are you noticing the condensation between both panes of glass? If the condensation is building between the pains, it means the window’s seals are failing.

In other words, it’s time to replace your windows before they start to leak.

Are you noticing the condensation outside your windows? This usually indicates that the temperature within your home is warmer than the outdoor temperature. As a result, moisture will begin to collect against the glass.

In other words, your glass isn’t letting the outdoor temperatures get inside. Your windows are working fine!

Are you noticing condensation inside your home instead? Condensation inside means you have too much humidity within your home. You’ll need to improve the ventilation inside.

However, condensation inside doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your windows.

Are You Wondering When to Replace Windows?: 5 Signs It’s Time for a Change

Are you wondering when to replace windows throughout your home? Keep an eye out for these five signs. If you notice one of these issues, it’s time for new windows!

Ready to upgrade your windows? Contact us today for a free estimate.


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