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The Ultimate Design Guide to Roofing Styles


Did you know that 18% of homeowners replace or repair their roofs before selling their homes? You can expect around a 68% return on investment if you decide to replace your roof. 

While you may not get all your money back, replacing your roof to be more up-to-date with trends can attract potential buyers. Whether you plan on selling your house or want a new roofing style, you can improve your roofing aesthetic by updating your roof. 

What are the most common roofing styles today? Keep reading to learn all about current roofing trends. 

Metal Roofing 

One of the most common roofing trends is metal roofing. Metal roofs are durable, environmentally friendly, and a stylish roofing option. While metal roofs are used on commercial buildings, they are becoming more popular for residential homes.

Metal roofs come in several different colors, so homeowners can choose the style that they want. Metal roofs have a more industrial look than other types of roofing, but the industrial style is popular. 

If you love the idea of hearing the rain hit your roof as your fall asleep, metal roofing could be the right roof investment for you. Metal roofs are great at withstanding all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.

Light Roofing Colors

Traditionally, the most popular roofing colors have been black, brown, and gray. While those colors will always be stylish, light roof colors are becoming more popular. Some trending light roof colors include beige, light blue, and light gray. 

These lighter colors can give your home a more elegant look. They also can keep your house cooler during the summer because the lighter colors do not hold as much heat. 

Environmentally-Friendly Roofing 

Are you working on being a more eco-conscious person? If so, you should consider updating your roof. Another one of the most common roof trends is roofs that are good for the environment. 

When choosing a new roof, look for one that can help save energy. Metal roofing, clay tiles, and slate tiles are all roofing materials that can help you reduce your electric bill. 

If you want to have a big impact on the environment, you can use solar energy. You can choose to install solar panels on your roof or use solar tiles. Solar shingles convert solar energy, but they look like regular shingles from a distance. 

Contrasting Roof Colors

When it comes to roofing colors, another common trend is to create contrast between your roofing and siding. For example, if you have white siding, you can create contrast by adding a dark roof. 

For homes that have dark siding, you can add a light-colored roof. This will make your home stand out, and it is a stylish option. If you need a new roof, there are plenty of color options, so be sure to consider your siding when choosing a color. 

Cool Roof

Another popular style choice for those that are eco-friendly is a cool roof. Cool roofs are made of material that absorb and reflect the sun’s rays, depending on the type of wavelength.

Because cool roofs reflect some of the sun’s rays, they absorb less heat than other types of roofs. This can lower your energy bill, is better for the environment, and causes less wear on your HVAC system. 

Most of the time, cool roofs come in lighter color options. If you like the idea of having a light color roof and having an eco-friendly home, a cool roof could be the right option for you.

Flat Roof

One of the most modern roof designs is a flat roof. Flat roofs create a stylish look, they are more affordable than other types of roofing, and they are durable. You can even get creative and add an outdoor space on top of a flat roof. 

Many people like the idea of a flat roof, but they have concerns when it comes to water drainage. Even though the roofs are flat, they still have enough of a slope to allow water to drain, so don’t let that deter you. 

Plastic Roof

Because people are becoming more aware of their environmental impact, plastic roofing is becoming a more popular option. Instead of using new plastic to make plastic roofing, it is made out of recycled plastic. 

Plastic roofing is affordable, easy to install, and durable. Plastic roofing comes in several different colors, so you can choose one that fits the style of your home. If you care about recycling materials, plastic roofing could be a great option for your roof. 

You also can get other types of recycled roofs, such as those made from rubber or a combination of other recycled materials.  

Green Roofs

Have you ever heard of green roofs? If not, green roofs are roofs with a garden on top of them. You can plant flowers, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and even trees on top of a green roof. 

Green roofs are great for the environment because plants help reduce temperatures in the city, reduce air pollution, and reduce the effects of greenhouse gases. 

Not only are green roofs ideal for the environment, but they come with several other benefits. Those with green roofs report having lower electric bills. This is because the plants provide shade and block out the sun’s rays. 

Green roofs also help reduce storm runoff, and your home is less likely to have water damage from leaks. Due to the lack of water and sun damage on the roof, green roofs last longer than regular roofs. 

Do You Want to Try These Roofing Styles?

Installing a new roof on your home will increase your home value and reduce your energy costs. If you are thinking about installing a new roof, be sure to keep these roofing styles and trends in mind when you do. 

Are you thinking about replacing your roof? If so, check out our roofing services to get a free estimate!


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