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The Complete Guide to Choosing Gutter Guards for Homeowners

choosing gutter guards

Experts project the gutter guard market in the US will reach $660 million by 2025. The demand is due to homeowners opting for gutter guards to reduce cleaning needs. It’s thus essential to find a great option when choosing gutter guards for your home.

Anyone who’s dealt with a clogged gutter can attest to how unforgiving it can be. You can prevent debris buildup in your gutters to avoid facing this ordeal, and installing gutter guards is your best bet.

Due to the many options, buying a gutter guard can be overwhelming for first-timers. Take your time while selecting, since an amazing gutter guard is a good investment.

If you’re fed up with the constant gutter maintenance in your home, this article is for you. Here’s a complete guide to choosing gutter guards for homeowners.

The Different Gutter Guard Materials

The various gutter guard materials work by maximizing water flow while keeping leaves away. Your water channel thus remains clear, promoting efficient flow into the downspouts.

You should choose the best gutter guard material since it determines its durability. The guard will sit in front of the gutter lip, so your chosen material determines its efficiency.

Here’s a breakdown of the different gutter guard materials you can choose.


If you’re after a gutter guard that’s reliable, choose aluminum options. Since it’s a proven construction material, aluminum gutter guards are a great investment.

Aluminum is, however, prone to corrosion, which creates some gaps in your gutter system. It thus requires a protective coating to last, which can result in additional costs.

Stainless Steel

You may be cautious about any corrosion on your gutter, so choose stainless steel guards. Unlike aluminum, stainless steel gutter guards don’t corrode, meaning they last longer.

A major drawback is that they’re quite expensive to purchase and install. Stainless steel is also heavier, making the installation a lot more challenging. Gutter guard installers in Champaign, IL, bring the right equipment to make installation easy.


In recent years, plastic gutter guards have become popular due to their ease of installation. They also don’t have the corrosion problems of the metal gutter guard options.

However, plastic doesn’t do well in areas with extreme weather changes. The UV rays during the summer break down the tenacity of plastic polymers. They become brittle and cracked during the cold winter weather.

Types of Gutter Guards

Your gutter guard has to fit in with any architectural requirements. There’s a variety of types of gutter guards you can work with, including the following.


Screens offer a cost-effective and functional solution to your gutter. They’re made of metal mesh to keep leaves and other debris from your gutters. Screens are often made thin, but the material used determines its longevity.


The natural elements, including water, can clog your gutter, so covers are applied to prevent that. They sit at an angle on top of the gutter to ensure water run-off doesn’t accumulate in the gutter. Covers for gutters are made of sturdy material; hence, they last longer.

Brush Guards

If you’re after a temporary solution for your gutter, brush guards are ideal for preventing clogs. The brushes keep out huge debris, while smaller dirt is stuck within the brush hairs.

However, you have to clean your gutters often, since they can prevent the free flow of water in your gutters.


Foam is an inexpensive gutter guard material since it is readily available. It’s also considerably light and easy to install, making it a favorite for many homeowners. Foam guards also have a UV protective coating, meaning they’ll serve you for years to come.

The drawback is that the clean-ups can be messy if installation is done incorrectly. Avoid a DIY at all costs and hire roofing contractors in Champaign, IL, to handle the installation. Proper foam guard installation avoids possible clogs from the material for efficient drainage.

Find a Professional Gutter Guard Installer

You will have figured out the cover for gutters that you’d want to choose by now. You may think you can handle the installation as a DIY, but this leaves room for error. Hire a professional gutter installer for impressive results.

Your installer should have extensive experience in handling roofing-related repairs and replacements. The years of practice empower them with skills for expert-level installation. You’re thus assured of a great job.

Make sure the roofing contractor in Danville is reputable by checking reviews from past clients. Confirm the business’s credibility by checking its rating on third-party review websites. A reputable gutter guard installer will be committed to offering you satisfactory results.

Work Within Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a gutter guard for your home? Work within your budget to prevent affecting your finances.

For most homeowners, finances are tight, so every project has to be conducted on limited funds. Therefore, you should find a gutter guard system with a project cost that’s affordable for you.

Request an estimate from the various roofing companies for comparing gutter guard costs. Choose an option that’s reasonably priced to avoid causing a strain on your financial base.

Look for a roofing contractor that offers financing to cater to the project. You will be allowed to settle the balance in 6 or 12 months.

Consider the Above Guide to Choosing Gutter Guards

Choosing gutter guards for homeowners doesn’t always have to be challenging. The above guide offers a complete outlook of hacking the gutter guard selection. Don’t settle for less with the gutter guard choice since it’ll help avoid constant gutter cleaning.

Freeman Exteriors is your trusted roofing contractor in Danville and Champaign, Illinois. With over 30 years of experience, we can comfortably guarantee you satisfaction. Our experts handle gutter guard installation seamlessly, thus preventing gutter clogs.

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