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How to Choose a Siding Company in Lafayette: Everything to Know

siding company in Lafayette

s your siding saggy, cracked, and some pieces are missing? If so, it’s time you have it replaced.

A new siding will offer your house protection against outside elements. It will also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Not to mention that a well-installed siding will improve your home’s curb appeal and value.

But to get a return on your investment, you have to choose the best siding company in Lafayette. Let’s be honest: not all siding companies are qualified and after offering their clients the best services.

Some are after making a profit only. If you land in the hands of such companies, you will spend too much money and have your siding wrongly installed. If not installed properly, your siding will develop bulging spots and have a rippling appearance.

Besides, if not properly installed, the siding can drive your utility bills up by a huge margin. So how do you choose a siding company that is qualified and reliable? If you have no idea, worry no more.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to choose a siding company in Lafayette

Check on Licensing and Insurance

Before a siding company begins operations, it must acquire a license from the local licensing authority. The state monitors licensed siding companies to ensure they comply with building codes and other regulations.

If you hire such licensed companies, you are assured of quality siding installation. Thus, before hiring a siding company, ask them to show you their license.

After being shown the license, you can verify it on your local State Licensing Boards’ website.

Apart from licensing, you should also ensure the company has insurance. During siding installation, accidents could happen.

Such accidents can lead to injuries or property damage. If the siding company you hired is not insured, you will cover the injuries and damages.

But if the company has liability coverage and worker’s compensation insurance, you will be free from such liabilities.

Hire a licensed and insured siding company, and you will have assurance for quality and safe siding repair services.

Check on Siding Installation Experience

Siding installation can be a capital-intensive project, hence leaving no room for errors. For this reason, you will need an expert with an indepth understanding of how to install the various types of siding.

An experienced siding contractor is the best option in such a case. A siding contractor in the industry for a long time has harnessed the skills to install the siding with the first attempt perfectly.

Apart from experience, you must ensure the company specializes in installing siding for your specific home style.

To determine the experience of a siding company, you can visit their website. Most companies include information involving their experience on their website.

You can also ask the company to show you proof of their past work. A siding company that is satisfied with the quality of services it offers will always have a gallery of their past work.

If the work from such a gallery looks impressive, then the company might be worth your consideration.

Read Online Reviews

Hiring a licensed and experienced siding company is not always a guarantee for quality siding installation. Some siding companies have been in the industry for a long time, and still, their expertise is wanting.

Reading online reviews can help you determine whether a company is reliable and competent. You can start by reading the reviews present on the company’s website. Such reviews will help you determine the kind of experience previous clients had with the company.

If such reviews are not conclusive, you can go for third-party reviews. Reviews from sites such as Better Business Bureau are more genuine and conclusive.

Companies are rated according to the number of claims brought forward in such sites. While reading online reviews, don’t aim to pick companies with hundred per cent reviews.

Despite the quality of installation services offered, negative reviews will always be present. Thus, you should focus on picking a siding company with more positive reviews and ratings above 4.

Projected Cost and Payment Plan

While having a siding installation, you have to stick to a budget. If you hire a siding company whose cost is way beyond your budget, you might get yourself into a financial burden.

Thus, before selecting the company to work with, ensure to ask for a written estimate from various companies. The written estimate should include all the items charged, such as the siding replacement cost and material cost.

If you come across a company that is not straightforward with its charges, avoid them. They might be after exploiting you. If you have to pay an upfront cost, pay attention to the required down payment percentage.

If a company asks you to pay a down payment of 100 %, you should be concerned. Reputable siding installation companies ask for a down payment below 50 %.

But you should also beware of siding companies whose charges are far much below the market range. Such companies are either inexperienced or offer shoddy services.

You have to ensure the siding company you choose has an efficient and reliable mode of payment.

Check Warranties on Materials and Labor

When acquiring siding from the manufacturer, they usually come with a warranty. The items covered by the warranty differ depending on the brand of the siding your company of choice installs.

Thus, before choosing a siding company, ensure to ask the type of siding they install. From there, you can ask what items the warranty covers.

Apart from manufacturers warranty enquire whether the siding company offers a workmanship warranty. Such a warranty ensures that errors made by the siding company during installation are corrected at zero cost.

Choose a Siding Company in Lafayette Today

Selecting a siding company in Lafayette offering quality services might be quite challenging. But if you know what to look for, choosing the best becomes easy.

Are you looking for siding installation services in Champaign, IL, and the surrounding areas? At Freeman Exterior, we got you covered.

We are a licensed, insured, and reputable general contractor specializing in roofing and commercial renovations.

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