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Signs That It Is Time to Replace the Windows on Your Home


The windows of your home play a vital role in allowing sunlight in while ensuring the heat, allergens, and other elements outdoors remain outside. When windows do not function correctly, it can lead to warm air escaping during the cold months and cool air leaking out during the summer. This can drive up your energy costs and impact your ability to remain comfortable inside. For this reason, it is essential to recognize when it is time to replace your windows.

Signs That You Need New Windows

There are several signs that you should look for to determine if it is time to replace the windows in your home. 

You Have Old and Outdated Windows

Although the gears and mechanisms on older windows may still function properly, there is a significant chance that they may not be as efficient as they should be. This is particularly true in cases where the windows are over twenty years old.

If you have lived in your home for a couple of decades or more and you have never changed your windows, there is a good chance that the ones that you have are original to the home. Even if they are dual pane, there is still a risk that they are not as energy efficient as they need to be. 

Newer windows are designed to prevent air from transferring from outside your home and vice versa. Older windows may not have this ability. New windows are designed with Energy Star ratings, which can help you select the best option for your home. 

If You Are Getting Ready to Sell

If you are getting ready to sell your home, one of the best things you can do is replace your old and outdated windows. Many homeowners fail to recognize the marketability that this simple task will provide. Getting a window replacement for a newer style with higher Energy Star ratings can provide you with a return on investment of up to 74 percent. 

When the Heat Is Coming In

Each window in your home serves several functions. Not only do they provide you with the ability to see outside and let the light in, but they also provide ventilation. If it is sweltering hot inside when they are closed, it could indicate that it is time for an upgrade. Older windows do not provide as much insulation as the newer designs do. As a result, the hot air outside is likely to enter your home. Swapping out the old for the new can help reduce some of the strain that is placed on your HVAC system.

Your Windows Do Not Function Correctly

When a window functions correctly, it will open with ease and latch into place when closing. When windows fail to function correctly, it may be time to replace them. As the window is used more and more, the springs may not release the locks, the gears may not latch properly, and other parts may fail to function correctly. As a result, it can become frustrating to use and nearly impossible to close correctly. Additionally, it can become a safety hazard. When this happens, it is time to consider upgrading your windows to ensure you have well-designed and functioning windows in place.

You Notice Visible Damage

Even though it seems obvious, the consequences of waiting to swap out broken windows are not always too obvious. When windows have visible signs of damage, they need to be changed out as soon as possible. There are several types of damage that you should look out for.

The frame of your window may suffer damage that can impact its ability to seal correctly. You should look for worn-down wood or any chips on the surface. Also, look for signs of visible water stains or damage, as this could indicate that the frame is either warped or broken.

Broken glass may be one of the most apparent signs of damage that you see. If the glass is cracked, chipped, or missing any piece, it will severely impact its ability to function correctly. This will increase the chance of water or air entering your home. It can also increase the risks of mildew, pests, and mold growth. 

If Outside Noises Are Coming In

Another function of the window is to regulate noise. These glass openings work exceptionally well at keeping the outside noises outside so you do not have to be bothered while inside your home. Many windows are designed to reduce the amount of external noises you hear. You can check the Sound Transmission Class (STC) of a window to determine how well it will work. If you still hear a lot of noise while inside your home, it could be time to upgrade to a newer style or design with a higher STC range. 

Your Windows Are Drafty

If your windows are drafty, it can have a severe impact on your energy bill. Drafty windows can let the warm air escape during winter and the cool air out during summer. This can make it more difficult to remain comfortable inside your home throughout the year. 

Getting a window replacement with a new energy-efficient option can help cut back your heating and cooling costs while allowing you to remain comfortable indoors. 

When You Are Renovating Your Home

If you are renovating your home, the last thing you want to do is leave an old and dated window in a new and refreshed space. Swapping out the old for the new can help completely transform the look and style of your home. Additionally, getting a window replacement can help you better match the decorations, colors, and details in your space. 

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If your windows are no longer performing as effectively and efficiently as they should, contact our experts at Freeman Exteriors in Champaign, IL, today. Our team is available to come to your home to assess the situation. We can perform an inspection to determine if it is time to replace your windows. Contact our experts today by calling 217-355-5447 for a free estimate.


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