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How to Choose the Best Window Replacement Companies for You: A Guide

window replacement companies

Not all windows installation companies being advertised can be trusted to do window installation perfectly. As a homeowner, you need to know how selecting a suitable company will increase your money’s value.

But finding perfect window replacement companies can be difficult, especially when unsure of what to look for. However, it would help to avoid trial and error when hiring a company for an important project like window replacement.

Are you looking for a window replacement company in Lafayette for your home repair? Continue reading this guide to learn how to choose the best window replacement businesses.


When choosing a window replacement company, consider the time the company has been in business. Choose a company that has at least five years of experience. A lengthy period in the industry means the company has earned a good reputation by installing high-quality windows.

You can determine how long the company has been in business by looking at its website.


Cost is another thing you should consider when choosing a window installation company. You want the best deal for your budget. However, consider the quality of the materials, craftsmanship, and all the windows replacement cost.

Don’t go for low quality at the expense of the cost. Remember to look beyond the price sticker. Look into the future and consider the following:

  • Costs of caring and maintaining your windows
  • The lifespan of the windows
  • Quality of the windows installation
  • Amount to save on energy bills

Consider the Materials 

The common windows installation materials include wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. All these materials come with different price tags. The prices also vary across brands and product lines.

When choosing the type of material, you also need to consider the climate of your home. Consider also environmental issues like noise.

Selection and Customization

Some common types and styles of windows are offered across different companies. However, you should consider a company that has a wide selection. You do not want to be restricted to a few choices. Look for a company that provides an array of options.

Also, consider a company in Lafayette that will customize your home windows to your taste. Compare options like designs, paints, colors, glass, trim, grilles, and hardware. Consider choosing a company with wide options.

Choose Certified Installers

Purchasing the highest quality windows in the market is essential, but without proper installation, you won’t attain what you paid for in terms of performance and appearance.

Be sure to hire certified installers who have expertise in the brand’s product line. Also, consider a window replacement contractor certified by manufacturers for window installations and remodeling.

Don’t just accept a verbal promise that a window replacement company is certified. Ask for documentation to show the contractor is authorized to do business.

Consider the Window Style 

Windows come in different styles and sizes. Choose a window company that offers many styles, sizes, and shapes to fit every home design.

Some of the styles you should consider when choosing a windows company include:

• Double-hung windows

• Sliding windows

• Awning and casement windows

• Bow and bay windows, and

• Custom shape windows


A good window replacement company should be able to offer an extended warranty for the windows installed. In doing so, the company shows that they are confident of the quality of the windows and are willing to rectify the problem that might occur outside the normal wear and tear.

Look for Referrals and Reviews

Good and bad testimonies can help you decide the window replacement company to choose. You can ask family and friends about the windows installation company they use. If they recommend you a specific company, high chances are they were satisfied by the services provided.

Also, consider checking reviews on the company’s website. You may also be lucky to find reviews of previous window replacement projects. Consider choosing a company with positive reviews. It will also help if you check reviews from the better business bureau.

Consider Visiting the Company’s Showroom

Don’t pick a window installer in the comfort of your computer when looking for the best window repair or installation company. Visit a local window replacement company in Lafayette and interact with branch sales staff.

You can also consider asking some critical questions regarding the services they provide. Also, consider whether they have given you satisfying answers or have brushed off or pressured you into making a quick decision.

Windows replacement is a significant investment that you can only assign to a company you trust.

Ensure the Company Is Licensed and Insured

If a company has a license, it demonstrates that it complies with local building codes. Being insured also means you won’t be sued when a crew falls off a ladder and gets injured on your property. The insurances will also cover any property that can be destroyed during the window installation.

Also, if the window replacement contractor goes halfway through the job due to bankruptcy or any other issue, the insurance company will hire another company to complete the job.

Choose the Best Window Replacement Companies

Avoid trial and error while choosing your window replacement companies in Lafayette. Be sure to utilize the above tips before hiring any company. Always remember to choose a company that puts your interest first.

At Freeman Exteriors, we can offer you the most reliable windows replacement services near you. We enhance your home’s beauty using a wide variety of window services that include window installation and replacement, window repair services, window cleaning, window shutter installation, among others.

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