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Gutter Maintenance 101: Helpful Tips and Tricks

gutter maintenance

Gutters are designed to protect your home and foundation from accumulating water, but proper maintenance is key. The demand for gutter guards is rising, with a projected growth of around 2.5% per year by 2026.

In order to keep your gutters clean, regular maintenance is required. The maintenance process is easy if you know a few helpful tips and tricks.

Read on to learn more about gutter maintenance and what you can do to keep yours clean and free of debris.

Remove Debris Regularly

Twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris will naturally fall into your gutters. Over time, this will cause them to clog, resulting in serious backflow issues.

The best way to perform gutter maintenance is to clean them on a regular basis. One easy way to do this is by rinsing them out with a garden hose. Make sure that your hose sprayer isn’t too powerful, or it could accidentally knock the gutters loose.

You can also clean your gutters manually, removing debris by hand or with a large, plastic scoop. Make sure you use a secure, stable ladder and wear protective gloves. Simply scoop the debris out of your gutters and dispose of it in a lawn trash bag.

When cleaning your gutters, always make sure that your ladder is secure and on a level surface. Don’t attempt to clean your gutters alone, just in case you accidentally fall.

Always wear gloves and protective eyewear (like safety goggles or glasses) to prevent injury. Never attempt to clean your gutters yourself if you’re anywhere near power lines. 

It’s best to clean out your gutters twice per year. Do this in the spring and fall to ensure the best results. If your home has a lot of tall trees nearby, you may need to clean them more often.

Keep an eye on your gutters and look for signs of debris or any possible leaks. The sooner you can clean them out, the fewer problems you’ll have later.

Consider Gutter Guards

Gutter guards or gutter splash guards are a good way to keep your gutters from accumulating too much water. These special guards are installed inside your gutters and at the base of your downspouts.

A guard will ensure that water is draining away from your home to protect your roof and foundation from damage. Those who live in an area with a lot of heavy rainfall should consider gutter guards as part of their maintenance plan.

In addition to these splash guards, consider leaf guards to help keep the water flowing. These special guards will prevent large leaves, twigs, small rocks, and other debris from building up inside your gutters. They basically work like a filter to sift out bigger items and keep them from getting inside the gutter itself. 

A combination of splash and leaf guards will protect your home, but also the actual gutters themselves. Too much weight can cause your gutters to separate from the home or from each section of the gutter, causing leaks. Moving debris and water through and away from your roof and foundation is the best way to prevent damage to your structure. 

Although these guards will help to make maintenance easier, you should still check on your gutters a few times a year. Make sure that the guards are still attached securely as part of a gutter guards maintenance routine.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

It’s important to be very careful when attempting to clean out your gutters on your own. When in doubt, consider hiring professional gutter maintenance services to help keep them clean and clear.

Those with flat roofs will need to be extra vigilant about gutter care. Call the flat roof pros at Freeman Exteriors for service and help with all of your roofing needs. 

If you live in a cold climate, check on your gutters during the winter month. Freezing temperatures can cause ice to form which may make your gutters expand and contract. When the gutters are filled with ice, they can start to separate from your home.

After you clean your gutters, check them thoroughly for leaks. Run a hose through the gutters and walk around your home to look for any signs of leaking water. If you identify a leak, consider contacting a professional gutter company to repair or replace leaking parts.

Remember to check your downspouts as often as you check your gutters. If the downspout is full of debris or water isn’t flowing correctly, you may need to flush it out by turning your garden hose on at full pressure. You can also attempt to snake the downspout pipe to remove any clogs.

Inspect your gutters after inclement weather to make sure they’re clear. High winds and heavy rains can cause excess debris to fall into them, regardless of the season. 

Look at all of your gutter joints and keep an eye out for holes, rust, or leaks. You may be able to re-seal any joined areas to keep the gutters from leaking. Consider upgrading your gutters to vinyl, copper, or aluminum since these materials won’t rust.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Remember these gutter maintenance tips to ensure that your home is protected from water damage. With the right maintenance plan and gutter guards, you can be sure that your home and foundation will stay in great shape all year round.

Call the gutter guard and flat roof pros at Freeman Exteriors for all of your gutter and roofing needs by contacting us today.


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