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Common Commercial Roof Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them

commercial roof maintenance errors

Roofing makes up a $56.7 billion business today. Commercial roofing is a sector of the business that you need to stay on top of if you run a company and want to manage the care of your building. 

In this regard, it’s every bit as important to focus on what not to do as it is to know the correct steps to take. 

Here are some costly commercial roof maintenance errors that you should do your best to avoid. 

Not Getting an Inspection 

An annual inspection is essential for quality roof care, excellent in preventing major issues, and costs you next to nothing. However, many business owners make the mistake of neglecting their commercial roof inspection. 

This is one of the most commercial roof maintenance errors that you can make since the inspection often uncovers major problems. If you are able to uncover these issues during the inspection, you stand a better chance of getting them fixed before the issue is irreparable or costly. 

Choose a credible roofing pro to handle the inspection for you so that they don’t miss anything. Issues like rot and mold can go unchecked under the surface of your roof. Structural issues can not only compromise the building but also put people inside at risk. 

Pencil in your inspection annually so that you never overlook these types of problems. 

Dragging Your Feet to Fix Leaks

Leaks are some of the most common roof problems, and also the most fixable. However, the issues are so common that many business owners make the mistake of waiting too long to fix them. 

People often think that they have more time than they do to fix their leaks. The next thing you know, they are dealing with water damage, mold, and other issues, and the leak continues to get worse. 

Checking for and fixing leaks should be part of your commercial roof maintenance routine. This way, you can keep your roof dry and structurally sound. 

Not Cleaning Gutters and Drainage

Taking care of your gutters and drainage system will play a big role in maintaining and repairing commercial roofs. When your gutters get backed up, your roof will pile on water and the damage will add up and weigh it down. 

Your gutters can easily get packed with leaves, sticks, and other types of debris. Make sure that you get your gutters cleaned at least two times per year. The ideal time to clean your gutters is during both the spring and fall. 

It’s quite easy for time to go by to the point that you have forgotten to handle this work. Pencil this work in on your schedule so that you never forget it. 

Forgetting About Sweeping and Cleaning the Roof

Cleaning your entire roof is something that plenty of business owners neglect as well. When you allow your roof to get bogged down with debris, it can weaken the roof to the point that you’re in need of a commercial roof replacement much sooner than you otherwise would need it. 

Aside from the structure of your roof, there’s no need to let it get so messy to the point that it ruins the way your building looks and detracts from the curb appeal. 

Hire a professional roofer that can get on your roof and sweep it clean for you at least once per year. Avoid using pressure washing equipment, because you might accidentally damage your roof in the process. 

Not Getting a Maintenance Plan

Roof maintenance costs add up over the years if you are always paying for them out of pocket. You can cut these costs by investing in a maintenance plan. 

A preventative maintenance plan will let you pay a flat cost upfront so that it guarantees you the chance to get some of the work covered as long as you own the roof. Things like inspections, gutter cleanings, and minor repairs will be handled without you having to pay for them out of your company’s budget each time. 

You’re likely to reduce your overall costs while still getting the quality work that you need. Many roof owners neglect to get one of these plans and end up paying a lot more money for their roofing repairs in the process. 

Waiting Too Long to Replace the Roof

Don’t hesitate when it comes time to replace your commercial roof. This is arguably the most common mistake that owners make. Instead of trying to squeeze as many years as you can out of a failing roof, go ahead and get it replaced so that you have one that is durable and energy efficient. 

Know upfront how long your roof should last and maintain it to get the best quality years that you can from it. 

Not Hiring a Quality Pro

The most important step you can take is hiring a professional that you can trust to do their best work. 

Find a professional that is National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA) certified to be sure that you’re hiring the best help available. When you hire a trusted pro in your area, every repair and maintenance call that you get will pay off and you can count on high-quality service that will last for years. 

Be Mindful of These Commercial Roof Maintenance Errors

The above commercial roof maintenance errors are all too common. Avoid these mistakes and take the next steps of hiring a team of roofing professionals in your area. 

Freeman Exteriors will help you when you need the best roofing work in the Champaign area. 

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