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New Roof

Are You Ready For a New Roof?

If you have issues with your roof, or it’s just over twenty years old, it may be time to contact a roofing contractor. Sometimes, it can be hard to know if the roof needs repairs or if you need a new roof altogether. There are some things to know before making a decision. These tips

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Options to Liven up Your Home’s Exterior

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options for residential structures here in Champaign, IL. Not only is vinyl an affordable siding option, but it also comes in a variety of styles and colors that ensure it will work with any type of architectural element and landscaping design.  Vinyl Siding Options Having a

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gutter guard

What Are Gutter Guards and Why Should I Get Them Installed?

Gutter guards are a type of system that is designed to protect your gutters. The guards are placed on the top edge of your gutter system to keep debris out. This type of system is extremely effective in helping to reduce the amount of debris that clogs up your gutters. There are several benefits that

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New roof

My New Roof Is Leaking! What Do I Do?

Getting a new roof on your home can provide you with peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you will be protected for a decade or more from leaks and other issues. But what happens if your brand-new roof is leaking? There are several things that you need to do to protect your home

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Gutter Cleaning: What Is Involved and Why Is It Important?

The gutter system on your home plays a vital role in removing water from your roof and redirecting it away from your home’s foundation. When the gutters do not function correctly, it can lead to severe damage, which can be extremely costly to repair. This highlights the importance of ensuring that your gutters remain clean

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Top Windows To Add Natural Lighting and Beauty to Your Home

The windows on your home provide insulation and natural lighting. They also offer a protective barrier from the elements while blocking out sound. However, with so many different styles and window options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your home. Here, we will explore some of

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Top Home Siding Options To Boost Curb Appeal

Your home siding is one of the first things that people see when they look at your home. As you can imagine, the color, texture, and design of the siding that you select can play a major role in how attractive your home’s exterior looks and its overall curb appeal. Thankfully, there are several excellent

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The Importance of Sloping the Gutters on Your Home

Your home’s gutter system plays a vital role in removing water from the roof and directing it away from the foundation. This decreases the chances of leaks in your foundation and ensures that your landscaping does not suffer significant damage from having water pour down on top of it. Unfortunately, when gutters fail to function

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Signs That It Is Time to Replace the Windows on Your Home

The windows of your home play a vital role in allowing sunlight in while ensuring the heat, allergens, and other elements outdoors remain outside. When windows do not function correctly, it can lead to warm air escaping during the cold months and cool air leaking out during the summer. This can drive up your energy

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roof damage

Roof Damage: Detecting and Correcting Hail Damage

A hailstorm has the ability to cause severe damage to your property. Unfortunately, the damage to your roof can result in serious leaks that can compromise its structure and integrity. Recognizing signs of hail damage early on can help you create a plan of action for repairs or for a roof replacement to ensure your

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