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If you have issues with your roof, or it’s just over twenty years old, it may be time to contact a roofing contractor. Sometimes, it can be hard to know if the roof needs repairs or if you need a new roof altogether. There are some things to know before making a decision. These tips and details help you understand when it’s best to call for repairs from a reputable contractor or replace the entire roof so that you and your family can be safe and secure.  It is important to find out what to look for and where to turn when you need repairs or a roof replacement.

Find Out if You Need a New Roof

When it comes to determining whether you need a roof replacement or a roof repair, there are several signs of damage that you will want to look out for.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

If your roof is leaking and it has been for a long time, it might be time to replace your roof. You can get away with repairs sometimes. However, you will need a roofing contractor to take a look at the damage and let you know if you can get the repair option instead of a replacement. That’s a good choice if you are on a tight budget and want to put off repairing your roof a little longer.

Water damage that has not been fixed for a long time can spread to large roof sections, making it necessary to get a full replacement. In fact, water damage from leaks in your roof can make sections soft and likely to cave in if left for a long time. This can be the case with homes that have been sitting for a long time, and then a buyer purchases the home and wants to fix it up.

Do You Have Missing Pieces of the Roof?

If you are missing shingles or sections of your roof, it may be hard to know if it is time for a repair or replacement. Calling your local roofing contractor is the only way to know for sure. They can inspect your roof and give you information about what they find. They will offer some recommendations so you’ll know what you can do before you make a decision.

Is Your Roof Cracking and Peeling?

When your roof begins to crack and peel, it is a sign that the roof is past its lifetime. It may be time to replace the roof if this is the case. Talk with the roof contractor to find out if they think you could repair small sections or if the damage is beyond fixing.

Is Your Roof 20 Years or Older?

Many older roofs have a 20-year lifespan. If your roof is older than 20 years, and it is looking worn and has signs of wear and tear, then it may be time to replace it. Some of the things you should look out for include:

  • Dark streaks
  • Cracking
  • Moss
  • Curling of edges
  • Granules missing from shingles

If you notice any of these things happening to your roof, it is time to take action. In some cases, you may get away with some repairs if you have a newer roof, but when you have an older one, you will begin to have more and more problems. You can skip extra costs and get more protection for you and your home when you opt for a new roof. Be sure to ask your contractor for their opinion and use the information you have already and the information they can give you to make the right choice.

Was Your Roof in a Strong Storm or Natural Disaster?

You may need repairs or a new roof if your roof was in a disaster like a strong tropical storm, hurricane, or even wildfires and earthquakes. After a natural disaster or strong storm, most roofs need some repairs. Unless you have a metal roof or a very durable material, you will probably have missing shingles, burnt shingles, or other types of damage. Get a complete inspection of your roof from our reputable and licensed contractor at Freeman Exteriors. Our team can give you the details to help you make more informed choices regarding the condition of your roof and whether it is time to have a new roof installed.

Are You Tired of the Way Your Roof Looks Right Now?

If your roof looks worn and outdated, you might be ready for a replacement. If you think it is time for a new roof, all you need to do is call a local contractor and have them give you a quote or an estimate for the project.

Can You Easily Afford to Buy a New Roof?

If you have a damaged roof, and it can be saved with repairs, you could go ahead with the repairs. That is unless you have enough money to purchase a new roof. In some cases, people get tired of having repairs done and choose to just go ahead and replace the roof to avoid more hassles. Find out if you can easily afford a new roof and talk to your roofing contractor about the options you have. You may save money in the long run by skipping the repair services every year or two years and getting the confidence to know that you’re protected for the next 20 to 30 or even 50 years.

Find Out More About Roof Repair and Replacement

Getting a new roof does not need to be a hassle. If you are ready to find out more about your choice of roof repairs or replacement, you can call Freeman Exteriors at (217) 355-5447. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are dedicated to helping homeowners across Champaign, IL, by providing quality roofing services they can trust. You can give you more information, schedule a quote, or help you decide which options best fit your needs. Let us help you make the best choice to protect your home, family, and your belongings by getting the roof service you need.


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