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A Guide on How to Fix a Cracked Window

how to fix a cracked window

You’re throwing money out the window! Demand for residential windows rose by 6.8% in 2021 alone.

One reason why is broken windows. Thousands of Americans try opening or closing their windows, only to crack them. 

A broken window can cost you hundreds of dollars. Yet you shouldn’t panic if the glass cracks. You can learn how to fix a cracked window in just a few minutes. 

What should you do to treat small cracks? When should you replace your entire window? How can you get help from a window replacement contractor? 

Answer these questions and you can have smooth and perfect windows before you know it. Here is your quick guide.

Seal Small Cracks

You should fix a small crack in your window as soon as possible. The crack can grow as time goes on, and it can allow water and cold air to enter your house. 

Clean the crack and the areas surrounding it with soap and water. You can use a dry rag or paper towel to clean it, but don’t apply too much pressure so you don’t damage the glass. 

Buy an epoxy or create your own by mixing together a resin and hardener. Put the epoxy on a piece of cardboard and then use a putty knife to press it into the crack. Be very gentle and use back-and-forth strokes to ease the epoxy in. 

Let the epoxy settle for a few minutes. If you have excess epoxy on your window, you can use a razor blade to remove it. Then you should let the glass cure for 24 hours, avoiding any contact with your window. 

The next day, you should clean your glass with a glass cleaner. Inspect it and make sure the crack hasn’t grown or changed in any way.

Get Tools for Replacing Your Window

Even if you have a small crack, you may want to replace your entire window. This will protect the window frame and your home better. You should replace your window if the crack is very large or if you have multiple cracks.

You will need a piece of glass that is the same size as your cracked window. Try to find an identical version of the glass or a pane from the same company. 

Glazing points are triangular pieces of metal that hold your pane in place. You should find points with tabs, as they are easy to insert into the frame. 

You also need a putty knife and a utility knife. Get a carbide scraper and a bottle of oil or latex glazing putty.

Remove the Cracked Glass

Inspect your window before you remove the pane. If you notice problems like mold growing in your window frame or cracks in the frame, you should make those fixes before removing the glass. 

You can start removing the glass by removing the glazing compound with your putty knife. Chip away at the compound without applying too much pressure with your knife, as you don’t want to scratch your frame or walls. Use your knife to take out the glazing points that hold the glass inside the frame.

Using both hands, you can pull the glass out. Someone can stand inside your house and help you ease the glass out of place. Wear gloves so you can get a good grip and have protection in case the glass shatters.

If any glazing compound remains in the frame, you should remove it with your carbide scraper. If the scraper is too dull, you can use a chisel, but do not stab or gouge the wood. 

Put the New Glass in Place

Place the new pane of glass up against the window frame. Inspect it to make sure that fits and can stay flat. Do not put in a frame that is too small or sits at an angle in the wood seat.

If the glass would fit, you should tilt the pane into place. Slowly move it so you don’t bend the glass or crack it. 

Once you have the pane in the wood seat, you can secure it with glazing points. Put at least three points for each side of your pane, and try to have the points equidistant from each other.

You can then add a glazing compound around the pane. Apply an even coating along the edges of your glass and make sure there are no holes in the compound.

Protect Your Pane

Do not make window repairs and then forget about your window. You need to take additional steps so you don’t need to replace your window again. 

Place screens on both sides of your window so objects cannot smash it. If you want to open your window, place tabs or handles on it so you can slowly lift it up and down. Do not use a crowbar or another object to move your window, as you risk applying too much pressure and breaking it.

If you ever have trouble fixing a window, you should hire a window replacement contractor. Ask a few questions before hiring them, such as what their qualifications are and what the timeline is for replacing your window. You should also ask for advice on how to solve window problems by yourself.

Figure Out How to Fix a Cracked Window

You can master how to fix a cracked window right now. For a small crack, you should use epoxy to seal your window. However, for a large crack, you need to replace your entire window.

Take out the glazing compound of your broken pane and settle the new pane into place. Add a new glazing compound and make sure your glass is flat against the wood seat. Keep your eye on your window and use screens to protect the glass. 

When you’re having trouble, get support from a contractor. Freeman Exteriors serves the Champaign area. Get an estimate today.

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