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8 Common Roof Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

common roof repair mistakes

Your home’s roofing structure works around the clock to provide shelter and protection from outside elements. But over time, wear and tear from storm damage and other forces of nature can take their toll on your roof.

A total roof replacement can cost upwards of $8,000 on average or more. This can vary depending on materials, labor, and the size of your home. It can also fluctuate based on where you live, especially if your home’s area is prone to heavy storm damage.

Repairing roof damage may be a more cost-effective way to address a damaged roof since an average roof repair costs around $1,000. However, you need to be aware of some common roof repair mistakes. This is vitally important if you are attempting any DIY repairs such as replacing roof shingles.

Without the proper knowledge, your roof repair budget could skyrocket. To learn more about 8 common roof repair mistakes and how to avoid them, keep reading below for helpful information.

1. Replacing Roof Shingles Incorrectly

If your roof repair only involves replacing a few roof shingles, you may think this is an easy run to the hardware store fix. But replacing roof shingles can be one of the most common roof repair mistakes.

You may end up buying the wrong shingle material or accidentally getting the improper shingle thickness. While this may not show on the outward appearance of your shingles from afar, this can lead to underlying issues and compromise the integrity of the rest of your roof’s structure.

Improper fitting shingles can form a bad seal which can lead to leaks. Always make sure your replacement shingles are a perfect match to your existing roof shingles.

2. Not Getting the Proper Permits

As a homeowner, you may think that you have carte blanche to do whatever you need to do to your house whenever you want. But the truth is, not obtaining residential permits and abiding by HOA laws are some of the most common roof repair mistakes you can make.

You need to clear any potential work needed on your house with the city first and file the proper permits and any building codes. If you live in an area with a Homeowners Association, you will also need their permission before any work can commence. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and penalties.

3. Failing to Maintain Your Roof’s Proper Slope

Your residential roof design has a particular design for a reason. Your roof’s slope helps to repel rain and snow from settling into the crevices of your roof’s structure. Persistent rain, snow, and hail damage can puddle and erode away your roof’s protective surface and cause damage to the interior layers like your insulation.

Not considering and following your roof’s natural slope during roof repair can become a part of these common roof repair mistakes. This will cause more damage to your residential roof design and drive up your roof repair budget.

4. Buying Low-Quality Materials

It can be tempting to cut corners or buy cheaper roofing materials to keep your roof repair budget low. But doing so will only add to the list of common roof repair mistakes. With low-quality and inexpensive roof repair materials, you get what you pay for.

While you think you’re saving money, this could only be short-term. These materials can break down quicker or fail to maintain your roof’s integrity. This causes more problems and higher repair costs long term.

Suddenly, what should have been a minor repair then turns into a full-blown roof replacement. Don’t let using cheap materials compromise the integrity of your roof’s structure.

5. Not Considering Your Home’s Age

If they are built well and undergo routine maintenance and inspection, older homes can still be in great shape for 40-50 years or more. But common roof repair mistakes could involve neglecting the age of your roof in the process.

The average roof is expected to last about 30 years. Again, this will vary based on the types of materials used in its construction and the climate of the area where you live which can impact its longevity and performance. Always check your roof routinely for issues of aging, warping, and other signs of deterioration to address them before they become bigger issues.

6. Neglecting to Perform Routine Maintenance

Common roof repair mistakes can also involve a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance inside as well as outside of your home. This includes clearing outside debris from your roof like tree branches and leaves that can cause build-up and erosion.

But this can also entail maintaining the space directly under your roof inside your home’s attic and ensuring proper structural soundness. Repairing roof damage doesn’t have to be a big issue as long as you perform routine maintenance.

7. Waiting Too Long Before Repairing Roof Damage

Small problems like leaks can be a big indicator of bigger roof repair damage to come. What starts as a simple little leak during a rainstorm can quickly escalate into a major problem. Rainwater can lead to wood rot which can lead to bigger holes forming in your roof.

Never ignore a small problem with your roof, thinking that it will resolve itself or go away once storm season is over. Putting off repairing roof damage until it continues to be a bigger problem can lead to more costly common roof repair mistakes.

8. Not Hiring a Professional Roof Repair Service

You may want to attempt to do your roof repair on the cheap to lower your roof repair budget. But the truth is, many common roof repair mistakes can be avoided by going with a professional roof repair service in the first place. Repairing roof damage through DIY methods can end up costing more in the long run.

A professional roofing company has the knowledge and expertise needed to get the job done right. They know exactly what is needed to fix roof damage and ensure that your roof will look its best for years to come.

Avoid These Common Roof Repair Mistakes with Freeman Exteriors Contracting

As a homeowner, it can be easy to make common roof repair mistakes in trying to preserve your home’s integrity. Although you may mean well, it can impact your roof repair budget even further. That’s why you need to hire a roof repair service like Freeman Exteriors.

Freeman Exteriors is a professional roof repair service in Champaign, IL, and its surrounding areas. We offer 6 and 12 months, same as cash, financing options to fit your roof repair budget. Whether you’re replacing roof shingles or replacing your whole roof, we’ll do it right.

Contact us today for your free roof repair estimate.

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Jake Freeman

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