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7 Questions to Ask When Considering Window Replacement Services

window replacement services

Replacing your windows can improve your home’s comfort and resale value. It also lowers utility costs and is better for the environment.

However, finding the perfect window replacement company for the job can be a hassle.

How can you ensure that you hire legitimate window replacement services? What should you ask prospective contractors to make sure that they’re skilled?

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

Without licensing and insurance, contractors can perform rush jobs without being held accountable for negligence. Even the most skilled window replacement contractors can make mistakes, so homeowners should guarantee that the people they hire possess both licensing and insurance.

Other than asking the business itself, a popular way to verify a business’s licensing status is by checking Better Business Bureau. However, not all registered companies are also registered with BBB. For an iron-clad guarantee of a business’s licensing status, homeowners can contact their Secretary of State.

Homeowners can also ask businesses to show proof of insurance. Every legitimate business would behappy to show theirs, so it’s best not to consider any prospective businesses that aren’t willing.

2. Do You Offer Warranties?

After a window replacement, it’s possible that the window doesn’t work quite as you expect it to. So even if it’s not the technicians’ fault, it’s best to opt for a business that offers warranties.

It also indicates companies’ dedication to the quality of their window services. Similar to licensing and insurance, warranties show that the company intends to uphold the integrity of its work.

It’s a better guarantee that their workmanship will consistently meet a high standard. They’ll also be incentivized to use more durable, high-quality materials to avoid facilitating issues that require warranty usage.

3. What About Customer Referrals?

Great companies should not hesitate to offer customer referrals when asked. This way, new customers can hear the opinions of those that have most recently experienced their services. They’re also not paid to represent the company, so they’ll offer a more unbiased perspective.

It’s best to make use of several referrals. Doing so ensures that homeowners have a more encompassing perspective on the services. They should also ask detailed questions about them.

Was the service performed in a timely manner? How was staying in contact with the company?

Finally, would they contact the company again for future repairs/replacements? By thoroughly inquiring about their experiences, homeowners can better shape their decisions to use a company’s services. 

4. Do You Charge for Estimates?

Charging for estimates doesn’t indicate bad service, but it’s unideal for those with limited funds. So if that’s a concern, make sure you opt for contractors that do not charge for estimates.

Not only that, but it’s best not to use the services of contractors that offer an estimate without seeing their clients’ homes. Contractors can only provide accurate estimates when they can see what they might be working with themselves.

Companies that offer single-number estimates should also be avoided. They should provide a numerical range to account for any extra potential labor and justify it with a description.

5. Can I See a Portfolio?

Experienced businesses should have more than enough material to build an impressive portfolio. By doing so, they can show their clients the quality of their work instead of simply describing it.

Viewing their most recent work allows homeowners to see what their new windows might look like. Portfolio examples can also inspire ideas for updated window designs, especially since modern window replacements look more stylish than past innovations.

Window replacement technicians are more than installers — they’re also experts in functionality and design. Homeowners can view their recent works to see how much their expertise elevates their clients’ homes.

6. Do You Specialize in My Windows?

Most window replacement contractors can work on all types of windows. But homeowners should find a technician that specializes in the windows they want.

First, they must research different types of windows and understand their property. Window work varies between different types of structures, especially depending on the company’s insurance coverage. Some window installers focus on only a few styles.

Of course, homeowners can work with their contractors from scratch, letting them suggest styles based on the home. If they specialize in styles suited for the home, homeowners can end their search earlier.

However, if homeowners are set on a particular window style beforehand, they’ll have to dig further into their search for the perfect window installer. But after they do, they’ll employ the company’s services most functionally compatible with their vision.

7. What About Payment Options?

During which point of the project should homeowners pay? How do they accept payment?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, homeowners need to understand the terms of payment and get them in writing. This way, future confusion is avoided — both for the client and the company.

Some homeowners might not even be able to pay the full amount in a single payment. If communicated beforehand, certain companies might instead require the payment in installments.

Finish Your Search for Window Replacement Services Today

If you need to install updated windows, don’t hesitate. Secure your home and protect the health of your home’s inhabitants by hiring the right window replacement company.

At Freeman Exteriors, we understand how vital window replacements are to our clients’ properties and wallets. That’s why we offer some of the best window replacement services for locals in Champaign, IL, Lafayette, IN, and surrounding areas. Get an estimate today if you need us to service your damaged windows!


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