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Leaky Roof & Siding Repair in Champaign, IL

1206 W William St  Champaign, IL 61821 What Needed Repair: Roof & Siding Why was the job done: Outdated and leaky roof & worn siding. What we did:  we undertook a comprehensive renovation project to address critical issues plaguing the property. The outdated and leaking roof was completely torn off, with careful attention given to fixing

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Roof & Vinyl Siding Repair in Champaign IL

3742 Thornhill DriveChampaign IL 61822 What Needed Repair: Roof & Shingles Why was the job done: The aging roof, plagued by leaks and wind damage, underwent a complete tear-off. Additionally the siding was out dated. What we did: we undertook a comprehensive renovation project to address various issues plaguing the property. The aging roof, plagued

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siding installation

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Installation

While siding on homes has been a style of many generations across unique neighborhoods, homeowners everywhere are now embracing its practical benefits for any kind of building. Siding installation involves adding a protective material to the outside walls of your home to improve its appearance, increase protection against bad weather, and keep it insulated for

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Hail Storm Damaged Roof repair in Champaign, IL

Hail Storm Damaged Roof repair in Champaign, IL

4015 Lake Point Rd.Champaign, IL. 61822 What Needed Repair: Removal of all old, outdated wood shake roofing material and installation of brand new Brava synthetic cedar shake with new copper valleys. Why was the job done: The home was damaged in a larger hailstorm that came through the area. We were able to work with

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Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors: 5 Tips for Hiring the Right One for You

There are nearly 75,000 roofing companies across the United States. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps you safe and protected from inclement weather, like snow and ice or rain and storms. A well-maintained roof should last up to 30 years, but you need a good roofing contractor

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does new siding increase home value

Does New Siding Increase Home Value? A Helpful Guide

Adding a new siding to your house can yield an average ROI of 76%, depending on the siding material used. No matter how nice your house looks on the inside, damaged or old siding will deter buyers. Your property’s curb appeal will also be affected if the siding is in poor condition. But how does

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chanmpaign IL Hail Damaged Home Repair

Hail Damaged Home Repair in Champaign, IL

Champaign, IL This project was completed in Champaign, Illinois. The homeowners called us after a hailstorm came through the area. When our inspector came out the entire home roof, siding, gutters, windows were destroyed by hail. We met their insurance adjuster out at the property and were able to get everything covered for the customer.

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roof is leaking

5 Important Things to Do if Your Roof Is Leaking

Did you know that most thunderstorms in Illinois occur from June through August? With that being said, it is important to make sure your home is prepared to handle these storms. Storms can cause many issues with your home, including leaks. Weather is one of the most common causes of leaks. Most people do not know

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window replacement services

7 Questions to Ask When Considering Window Replacement Services

Replacing your windows can improve your home’s comfort and resale value. It also lowers utility costs and is better for the environment. However, finding the perfect window replacement company for the job can be a hassle. How can you ensure that you hire legitimate window replacement services? What should you ask prospective contractors to make sure

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