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6 Popular Siding Materials and Their Benefits

Charming newly renovated home exterior, natural wood siding and grey siding create a beautiful curb appeal. View of a nice walk out deck with wooden handrails.

The demand for siding in the U.S. is projected to rise by 3.1% each year through 2021. With the growing construction needs, the market for siding is expected. There are several siding materials to choose from.  

Each siding material has its features, which you might need to consider before choosing one over the other. It would also help to assess the exterior trim as you shop for the siding. The idea is to have an exterior that will prompt passersby to take a second look.  

Here are six popular siding materials that you might need to consider. 

1. Wood Siding 

Wood siding is arguably one of the most appealing types of home siding materials you can consider. It comes in different styles. Some of the wood siding options include shingles, boards, and wood planks.

Installing wood siding will give your exterior a natural and warm appearance. Given the variety of finishes and textures, wood siding is among the best house siding materials if you’re focused on the aesthetics. However, it would help inquire from your contractor the best wood species given the material’s vulnerability to cupping, splitting, and rotting.

Wood siding needs an exterior finish that can either be stain or paint. Continued exposure to the sun can damage the wood, which might necessitate a replacement. You need to check out some signs that show your siding is in danger, such as fading and warped pieces.

2. Brick Siding 

Brick siding is one of the oldest siding materials for homes that have been used for years. Bricks are durable, and once you install your siding, you’ll almost have a lifetime guarantee. You can opt for a brick veneer, which refers to a brick with a finished exterior layer.

The benefits of brick siding are incomparable to any other type of siding material. Brick is fire resistant, durable, and termite-proof. You can have your brick siding for over 100 years without repainting or carrying out any maintenance.

Other than the durability of brick siding, you will have a unique outcome for your exterior. Several modern styles have made bricks to have a sophisticated yet inviting aura.

3. Vinyl Siding 

Did you know that 26% of the 840,000 single-family houses constructed in 2018 had vinyl siding installed? When compared to other siding materials, vinyl is the most popular. Vinyl has been satisfying the quest for low-cost and low-maintenance siding. 

Given that vinyl material is easy to install, durable, and affordable, it’s popularity as a preferred siding material isn’t surprising. Today, vinyl comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can get the material resembling wood shingles, stone, or even wood grain. 

The best part is that you won’t have to keep repainting the vinyl siding. Cleaning the siding with a hose and brush is enough to keep your sparkling exterior years to come. More importantly, vinyl is energy efficient since it comes with improved insulation features.

4. Metal Siding 

Metal siding comes in a range of varieties, which include steel and aluminum siding. This type of siding can give your home a unique outcome depending on how it’s installed. The modern aesthetics will give your home an intriguing appeal. 

If you install this siding material, you won’t have to worry about fading. Metal doesn’t rot or mold, meaning that the siding will be long-lasting. Metal siding is resistant to fire, and it does not need any form of maintenance.

Metal siding often comes in several styles, such as vertical and horizontal panels and strips. It can also be in the form of shingles, making it hard to distinguish this kind of siding with the wood siding. For metals that don’t have the factory-applied finish, they are often galvanized to protect the corrosion of the material.

5. Fiber Cement Siding Material

Fiber cement ranks second after vinyl in siding materials’ popularity. This siding material is made from cellulose fibers and cement. The resultant products include boards, battens, exterior trim, boards, and clapboards. 

People using fiber cement find it ideal due to its rot and moisture resistance. Fiber cement is weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and non-combustible. If you’re living in the coastal areas or regions at risk of extreme weather conditions, fiber cement is among the best siding materials.

You can have your fiber with a factory-applied finish coat or primer. Manufacturers often provide warranties against peeling, cracking, chipping, or fading. If you need siding replacement using fiber cement, it is better to involve a professional as it isn’t DIY friendly.  

6. Stone Veneer Siding 

Stone veneers can transform the exterior part of your home significantly. The stone veneer siding treatment is an ideal upgrade if you have concrete foundation walls. Some homeowners install the stall veneer siding on the lower part of the driveway pillars or main level walls. 

Stone veneer is a material made from cement and other products, including pigment and aggregates. Builder bakes the mixture into textured molds to enhance the appeal of this natural stone. You can incorporate the stone veneer into concrete or even wood-frame walls.

After you have installed the stone veneer siding, you won’t have to think about maintenance. You’ll only fill the cracks between the stones to ensure that the final touch gives the best finish. With stone veneer siding, your home will have an antique ambiance while still maintaining a modern exterior’s elegance.

Getting the Right Siding Material for Your Home Shouldn’t Be Complicated  

The types of siding materials available are almost inexhaustive. With the advancement in construction technology, brace yourself for more options in the market. Choosing a siding material for your home might feel like a daunting task, especially for a new homeowner.  

It is crucial to research more about siding materials for homes to ensure that you get the best. Assess the features, pros, and cons of these materials to establish if they meet your unique siding needs. While some of the house siding materials are big on functionalities, others mostly play aesthetic roles. 

Do you need a siding installation service for your home in Illinois? Freeman Exteriors is your best partner. Contact us today for exceptional services. 


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