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5 Window Replacement Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

window replacement mistakes

Are you considering replacing the windows in your home? Maybe you just recently closed on the house and are looking to make some modifications. Perhaps you’ve noticed how much your windows have aged, and need to make a change.

Whatever the case might be, replacing your windows can offer your home a fresh look from both the inside and outside. 

The only problem is knowing what common mistakes to avoid during the entire process. See below for a list of common window replacement mistakes that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Be sure to consider them all as you start this process.

1. Turning It Into a DIY Project

You wouldn’t replace an HVAC system by yourself. You wouldn’t replace the roof by yourself. Why would you take on the hefty project of replacing a window by yourself?

No matter how handy you are with home projects, replacing a window is an entirely different set of skills. It also takes the proper experience and know-how, of which you can only find by hiring a skilled window contractor.

It’s a process that requires accurate measuring and installation. Not doing these steps properly can lead to installing the wrong sized window. Even if you do install the right size, your poor installation might lead to a higher energy bill each month.

Hiring a professional window company will get experience on your side. Even if they were to mess up, you’d be protected by the warranty that they provide.

Simply put: there are just some DIY projects that should be left to the pros, and replacing your windows is one of them.

2. Installing the Same Window Type for All Windows

Whether you realized it or not, there are several window types that you might consider for your home. Types like awning windows, picture windows, double-hung windows, bay and bow windows, and gliding windows are just a few that you might like.

Each type offers a different list of benefits to your home. But you should never install one type of window for each window that you want to replace in your home.

The different areas of your home have different needs with the window that you install in them. For example, if you have one or two rooms that have sunlight in them a good portion of the day, you’ll want double-pane windows to conserve energy.

That way, you’ll reduce the amount of heat that seeps in from the windows in those rooms, thus lessening the energy bill each month! Consult with your window contractor to see what recommendations they might have for your specific home layout.

3. Only Focusing on Price

It’s understandable that you’d want to spend as little as possible on this window replacement project. After all, you have a window replacement budget that you’ve created and don’t want to spend a penny over it.

However, price isn’t the only factor that should dictate which window type and brands that you install in your home.

The windows that you install in your home will be in charge of controlling the climate and protecting you from the elements. They need to be equal to that task.

There are several other factors to consider such as the manufacturer of the window, the size, the uses, and the window type. Many customers use the price as their main factor simply because they don’t know how else to differentiate certain windows.

That’s when you can use your trusted window contractor to your advantage. They’ll only direct you to windows that they’ve seen results with. Buying the windows they point you to will ensure that you don’t have to replace your windows again for a while.

4. Replacing Windows With the Same One

Generally speaking, you should hope not to replace your windows for at least ten years into the future. If your current windows are getting up there, then it’s time to consider switching them out.

Since you’ve been happy with that window type’s performance, you might be tempted to replace it with the same exact style. 

But think of all the different technology that’s changed in ten year’s time. Instagram wasn’t created yet, the iPad didn’t exist, and you couldn’t get a ride using Uber or Lyft.

There’s been just as many technological advances in the window industry as well. Be sure to consider how this new tech can help you benefit for the next 10 years into the future.

5. Not Thinking Through Your Climate

If you live in the Danville or Champaign area, then you’ll want to consider how your new windows will fit with the climate of where you live. Not doing so can lead to some costly repairs down the line.

You need to think through things such as the materials that your window is made of, how durable they are, and how insulated they are as well. Otherwise, the windows you install will make your energy bill skyrocket in the summer and winter months.

Try to find a solution that’s built for the long term. Factor in your city’s climate and you’ll find a perfect fit for your new windows.

Avoid These Window Replacement Mistakes at All Costs

Now that you’ve seen all the different window replacement mistakes to avoid, it’s crucial that you dodge them at all costs.

Are you wondering how to hire the right contractor? Be sure to read this article for several questions you can ask to find the right one.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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