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Window Replacement vs. Repair: Which Is Right for You?

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As a homeowner, maintaining your windows may not always be a task that’s high on your priority list, but it’s one that can define the safety and security of your home. However, identifying whether you need a window replacement or a simple window repair can be a challenge when the symptoms of a faulty window can all seem so similar. In this post, we’ll explore some examples of window issues that can be easily repaired versus others that might call for a full replacement.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Windows

It can be difficult to know when to repair or replace your windows without an understanding of the different issues that your windows can develop. Window repairs are usually available for minor cosmetic or operational damage. However, when there is damage to the structural integrity of your windows that puts your health and safety at risk, a full window replacement is worth considering.

New Installations vs. Replacement Windows

The prime difference between a window replacement and a new installation is that replacement windows can be installed right into the existing frames of your home, while a new installation requires the frame structure to be removed and rebuilt. However, there is no right or incorrect way to refer to getting new windows. If you’re uncertain whether or not your frames need to come off, a qualified window replacement contractor will usually inspect your windows first and provide you with the best direction.

Window Issues That Can Be Repaired

There are a few common window issues that don’t usually warrant a full window replacement. If they’re simple enough, some of these window issues can be repaired with a few adjustments or part replacements:

Cracked Glass

Broken window glass can usually be repaired if the cracks are small enough to seal with a glass adhesive. However, while the seal can help contain air leaks from your home, it’s important to note that it won’t eliminate the blemish of the crack. For more significant cracks, the window glass may need to be replaced.

Windows Are Difficult to Open/Close

A window that is difficult to operate or “feels stuck” can be due to a few different factors, such as dirt or debris, damage to parts, or rust. In some cases, an effective window cleaning or replacement of worn-out parts can be done to resolve the problem. However, if the issue is due to damage to the window or the frame itself, more extensive repairs or a window replacement might be necessary.


If you notice that a window feels particularly drafty, it usually means that the weatherstripping is ineffective or has worn out. However, if the window is relatively new yet already has air leak issues, the problem may be due to incorrect installation. In this case, you should try and see if your home windows are still covered under warranty or have an expert window replacement company perform the job correctly instead.

Damaged Latches or Locks

Typically, issues with a window’s latches or locks can be easily resolved by replacing the faulty parts. However, if your windows are decades old, it may be difficult to find replacement parts that are compatible with your windows. If this happens, it may be worth getting a much-needed upgrade that ensures the safety and security of your home.

Signs That a Window Replacement Is Needed

Unfortunately, not all window issues can be repaired easily, especially if there is severe damage or if the windows have experienced extreme wear and tear over time. Here are some signs that could mean it’s time for a window replacement.

Rotted Window Frames

If enough condensation or moisture accumulates on your wood window frames, it can lead to wood rot. Rotted wood frames, especially on old windows, can be expensive to repair or replace. Instead of choosing wood, it may be better to invest in a more long-term solution, such as fiberglass frames that will hold up better against the elements.

Windows Are Over 20 Years Old

Once windows reach the age of 15 to 20 years old, they will start to wear out. If you’ve lived in your home for decades without getting a window replacement, it’s probably time to update your windows. Window technology has seen a lot of improvements in recent years. There are many affordable, energy-efficient window options now that can help you save money on heating and cooling costs while keeping your home safe and secure.

Lack of Insulation

If your windows are not properly insulated, they can pose a number of other problems for your home, including a higher electric bill and potential mold issues from moisture build-up. Signs of poor window insulation include:

  • Frequent condensation on your windows
  • Indoor humidity levels are high
  • You lose heat or cool air from inside the home easily
  • You feel drafts of air around your home
  • Temperature is inconsistent in different areas of your home
  • Your floors and walls feel cold and damp

Whether your windows were incorrectly installed or are way past their lifespan, if you’re experiencing any insulation problems at all, it’s important to have them inspected and/or replaced immediately by a qualified window replacement specialist.

Why Replace Your Windows?

At Freeman Exteriors, we provide reliable, high-quality window replacement services in Champaign, IL, with products that are made to last for many years. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect with a new set of windows from us:

  • Safety – Keep your home safe with brand-new, impact-resistant windows.
  • Energy Efficiency – Save money on energy costs with highly insulated and weatherproofed new windows.
  • Better Noise Reduction – Better insulation means less noise; experience more privacy, peace, and quiet with our window replacement services.
  • Improved Home Value – Current home buyers check for the durability and efficiency of windows before purchasing a home. Consider a full window replacement before you put your home on the market.

Top Window Replacement Company in Champaign, IL

Since 1988, Freeman Exteriors has served thousands of homeowners in the area as a general contracting company providing expert window replacement in Champaign, IL. Our certified technicians provide a stress-free experience from start to finish, providing quick installations and a variety of window styles to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today at (217) 355-5447 for all of your window replacement and repair needs.

Jake Freeman

Jake Freeman

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