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Fiberglass is gaining popularity across the globe. According to market insights, the global fiberglass market is projected to reach the U.S. $13.1 billion by 2028. This is up from the latest market size, which currently stands at $10.2 billion. Fiberglass windows have so many benefits to offer. Whether you want to renovate your home, replace your residential windows, or are handling a new residential project. There are several reasons why you should use fiberglass. Here is what fiberglass window materials can offer your home. 1. Fiberglass Is Strong When compared to other window materials, fiberglass frames are around eight times stronger. Unlike wooden window frames with a compression strength of up to 1800 psi, fiberglass frames can hold up to 30,000 psi. Thinner fiberglass frames can also hold larger panels of glass and allow you to enjoy expansive views and more natural light. Fiberglass window frames are more resistant to impact and do not rot, warp, corrode, shrink or crack. Additionally, this window material doesn't deteriorate and can resist chemical degradation. This makes them some of the strongest windows in the market. 2. Various Color and Style Options Several homeowners prefer having unique windows that match their homes' color and style. That's what fiberglass window materials can offer. This material can give you several options. The material can be arranged in different ways. It can be flattened into a sheet, randomly arranged, or woven into a fabric. This makes it perfect for different applications, including windows. You can also finish the window with your preferred style during installation or order custom-made windows. With fiberglass, you can choose a smooth finish, a traditional style, or a more natural style. Additionally, you can paint the window in your preferred color choice to match the theme or décor of your home. Fiberglass is flexible and can be cut into any design or shape. It can work on any structure and suit any home. 3. Longevity One of the greatest benefits of fiberglass is its longevity. The life expectancy of this window material is around 80 years. Since fiberglass is highly resistant to rotting or deteriorating, it is one of the stronger and most durable windows on the market. These types of windows will offer you value for money and also ensure that your home looks good. The window will not deform under any pressure and will keep your windows looking new throughout the year. To ensure your windows remain strong and durable, hire the right experts and get the windows installed professionally. When well installed, the window will last more than 80 years. Also, unlike aluminum and wood windows, fiberglass requires zero maintenance. This means you will not have to worry about replacing your home windows. 4. Better Thermal Performance Fiberglass windows have very high conductivity and a low thermal expansion. This means, unlike other window materials, fiberglass frames do not contract and expand. This maximizes their performance, offers value to money, and ensures longevity. Additionally, because the windows are rigid and more stable, they are ideal for multi-pane windows. Learn more about the advantages of thermal resistance in windows and why you should choose a material with high thermal performance. 5. Fiberglass Windows Are Environmentally Friendly If you want a sustainable option for your windows, you need to consider installing fiberglass windows. This material is mostly made of sand, an abundant source and easy to recycle. The material doesn't need any other materials to reinforce it. This makes it less bulky, which also minimizes the cost of transportation. Due to its composition, the material requires less energy to produce and is highly sustainable. Fiberglass doors and windows are prevalent and the best choice for anyone who wants their homes certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. 6. Energy Efficiency This is yet another huge advantage of fiberglass windows. Since the windows have a high thermal performance, they are also extremely energy efficient. This makes them common in several commercial buildings and residential homes. The material can keep cold air out and hold in heat inside your home, which will reduce your energy bills. Additionally, since the frames offer little contraction and expansion, they are less likely to crack or fail. They will maintain high performance as far as water and air filtration is concerned and save you up to 20 to 40% in heating and cooling costs. Besides saving several dollars, every room in your home will be more comfortable. You will have consistent temperatures throughout the year, reducing how much you use your thermostat, which also minimizes repair and maintenance costs. Choose the right energy-efficient window material and save on your energy bills. 7. Increases the Value of Your Home Fiberglass windows are a worthy investment. If you plan to sell your home, these window materials will give you a good return on your investment. With fiberglass, you can get up to 85% back. This makes them one of the best home improvement projects. Since the windows are unique and customizable, they can quickly attract the attention of the right buyers. Since the windows are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, they will be more attractive to investors. The materials also offer more soundproofing. It will keep all unwanted noise outside and leave you a more peaceful home. Consider Fiberglass Windows for Your Home If you are looking for windows that will offer you quality, longevity, and efficiency, there are several reasons why you should consider installing fiberglass windows. These windows will keep your home looking good and unique. They are an ideal choice for different homes and can suit any home regardless of their shape, size or design. At Freeman Exteriors, we offer expert and quality window installation and replacement services. We are happy to provide your family you will love. Contact us today for a free quote and let our expert transform the look of your home.

7 Benefits of Fiberglass Windows for Your Home

Fiberglass is gaining popularity across the globe. According to market insights, the global fiberglass market is projected to reach the U.S. $13.1 billion by 2028. This is up from the latest market size, which currently stands at $10.2 billion. Fiberglass windows have so many benefits to offer. Whether you want to renovate your home, replace your

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