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reroofing vs. roof replacement

Reroofing vs. Roof Replacement: What’s the Best Option?

Roofs are an unsung feature of our homes. Though they are often overlooked, roofs serve as the backbone of properties and provide the essential structural support that keeps everything together. They play a crucial role in protecting residents from weather conditions and other exterior elements, while also enhancing curb appeal, improving energy efficiency, deterring pests, boosting property value,

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Hailstorm Roof Damage Repair In Westville, IN

Hailstorm Roof Damage Repair in Westville, IN

14037 Lyons Road, Westville, IL. 61883 Freeman Exteriors has helped many homeowners in the Westville, IL. area with their roof, siding, and windows. Here is what we did for this homeowner and what we can do for your home. Their old roof was damaged in a recent hailstorm. If left unattended, this could have led

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