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siding contractor in champaign il

How to Choose a Siding Contractor: Everything You Need to Know

Have you noticed cracks in your home siding? Is there mold beginning to grow? These are all signs that your siding is rotting. You’ll need to choose a siding contractor to replace it soon. If you don’t, parts of your siding will fall off. This will leave the walls of your home vulnerable to water

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siding styles

The Ultimate Guide to Siding Styles

Did you know that it costs around $13,300 for vinyl siding replacements? This average is based on a 2,450 square foot home, and vinyl siding is one of the cheapest options! Replacing your home’s exterior siding is not an inexpensive home project, but it can drastically affect monthly energy costs and keep your home protected.

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new siding

7 Long Lasting Benefits of New Siding For a Home and Business

Siding replacement is one of the most popular home renovation projects, and for good reasons. Siding is one of the most critical features of your home and plays an integral part in protecting it from the elements. Siding also plays a huge role in your home’s or business curb appeal and considerably contributes to your

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The Causes of Roof Storm Damage and When to Call Professional Roofers

Approximately 40 percent of building-related issues are related to water intrusions. How does most water get in? Through the roof, especially after a big storm. Do you know how to spot roof storm damage? Are you unsure of when you need to call in a professional for backup? If you said yes to either question, keep reading so

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What You Need to Know About Preparing Your Roof for Spring

It might not come as a surprise to you that spring is the most popular season in America. According to a Gallup poll, 36% of Americans said that spring was their favorite season. While spring might bring to mind flowers, birds, and warm weather, for many homeowners it is also a time of recovering from

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