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moss on roof

The Importance of Removing Moss on a Roof

Roofing systems in America are designed to be replaced every 30 years, on average. During that time, your roof will face a variety of issues that you need to deal with. And given how critical the roof is to the overall structure of the house, most of these issues need prompt solutions. Unfortunately, some common

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how often to replace roof

How Often to Replace Roof: What You Need to Know

Did you know that a new roof can return more than 107% of its cost upon resale? Most homeowners shy away from replacing their roofs due to the associated costs. But if you spend $8,500 on a new roof, the estimated value gained at resale is $9,000. According to a remodeling impact survey conducted by

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how to clean a roof

This Is How to Clean a Roof the Right Way

It’s no secret that mold and algae can creep up onto your roofs and cause structural damage. As a homeowner, these roof-related issues might make you feel helpless since they feel inevitable. However, you can keep mold and other contaminants from messing up your roof by cleaning them regularly. But how do you clean a

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home improvement projects

How to Manage Home Improvement Projects

Did you know that making a checklist or a to-do list can make you feel less anxious? To do this right, you have to clearly define what it is that you want so that your brain knows when it’s been accomplished.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you create, follow, and complete a plan for home improvement

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preparing for winter

Preparing for Winter: This Is How to Get Your Roof Ready

Winter weather poses many threats to residential roofing. In fact, heavy snow may even cause your roof to collapse. By preparing for winter and learning how to winterize a roof, many of these winter roofing problems can be avoided.  Do you want to learn how to get your roof ready for winter? Keep reading this

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roof leaks

8 Effective Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks

Did you know that 1 out of 50 homeowners file a water damage insurance claim each year? Water damage is a costly situation that can result in mold, structural damage, and ruining your belongings.  One of the best ways to prevent water damage is to invest in roof maintenance. Having a good roof is important

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The Big Question: How Much to Repair a Roof?

Water brings life, and a calming rain forms the backdrop of a peaceful moment. But that peace can quickly turn to turmoil when the gentle rain turns into a loud dripping sound in your home. You quickly realize that moisture has breached your roof, and you need to find a solution.  Nightmares of paying thousands of dollars

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How to Know When You Need a Roof Leak Repair

Your roof should last at least 20 years. Unfortunately, you might require roof leak repair before you reach the 20-year mark. Otherwise, weather conditions could impact the lifespan of your roof. If you don’t repair a roof leak immediately, it could impact the lifespan of your roof. Instead of fixing a small leak, you might

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How Long Does a Roof Last? The Lifespan Explained

Some types of roofing will last more than 200 years, while others will need to be replaced before your children are out of high school.  So answering the query, “How long does a roof last?” depends on what it is made of and where your home is located.  Clay tiles will not work in cold New England,

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The Causes of Roof Storm Damage and When to Call Professional Roofers

Approximately 40 percent of building-related issues are related to water intrusions. How does most water get in? Through the roof, especially after a big storm. Do you know how to spot roof storm damage? Are you unsure of when you need to call in a professional for backup? If you said yes to either question, keep reading so

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