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8 Benefits of Insulated Windows for the Home

insulated windows

The U.S. Department of Energy found that the average homeowner can save up to $465 a year by using insulated double-pane windows in your home. Insulated windows typically have space between each window pane, which can prevent heat loss. 

However, insulated windows in your home come with many other benefits. Do you want to learn more about insulated glass windows and how they can improve an energy-efficient home in Lafayette, IN? Keep reading these eight insulated window benefits. 

1. Increased Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of replacing your windows with insulated glass is that it will greatly increase the comfort of your home. Because insulated windows are great thermal barriers, you will retain the heat in your home in the winter months. 

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures in the winter or summer months, you will find it easier to manage the temperature of your home and stay cozy and comfortable. 

2. Cost-Effective Solution

Insulated windows are also a cost-effective solution for your home. While insulated windows can cost more money upfront, you will find that you save a lot of money on your energy bills. 

You can also shop around with different window installation companies to find a price that fits in your budget. They will often offer free quotes to give you an estimate of the final price of window installation. 

3. Energy-Efficient

In an energy-efficient home, you want to find ways to lower your carbon footprint and save energy where you can. Replacing your windows with insulated windows will help you save energy and create a more efficient home. 

As was mentioned before, these windows have great heat insulator properties. When you prevent heat from escaping your home, it will not take as much energy to keep it warm. 

If you want to save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bills, you can do this by purchasing insulated windows. 

4. Prevents Sound Pollution

A big problem for homeowners, especially those that live in busy areas or big cities, is that there is a lot of sound pollution that gets into your home. 

While insulated windows primarily help regulate your home, they can also help prevent noise from getting into your home. Because there are more layers of glass, your windows are thicker and it is more difficult for the sound waves to reverberate.

To make your home quieter and less chaotic, you can invest in insulated windows. 

5. Increased Safety

Insulated glass is also an easy way to improve the safety of your home. Even if your home has great security features, home intruders can always break through your windows to enter your home. 

Because insulated windows have multiple panes of glass, they are more difficult to break through. This can protect your home and keep people from getting into your house through your windows. 

Not only do these windows protect you from intruders and potential break-ins, but they can also protect your home from natural disasters. Things like hurricanes and hail can break windows in many cases, so having multiple panes of glass can prevent this in your own home.

6. Easier Temperature Regulation

As was mentioned before, having insulated windows will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and will save you energy. This also means it will be easier to control the temperature of your home. 

This is especially important for those who live in areas with extreme temperatures, as it can be difficult to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. 

Another way that insulated windows help with temperature regulation is that they can reduce condensation from gathering on your windows in the cold months. Condensation will make your house feel colder, so the insulated glass can prevent this problem. 

7. Better Insulation

Another great benefit of insulated glass windows is that they provide better insulation for your home. When you have windows with broken seals or with only one pane, it is easy for warm air to escape or enter your home. 

These windows are such great insulators because they have a pocket of air between the two window panes. This essentially works as a buffer that will regulate the temperature of your home. 

With non-insulated windows, you may find that your home gets hotter in the summer months. When the sun hits the pane of glass, it warms up the glass and the heat diffuses into your home. In the winter months, the heat will escape through the glass, leaving your house colder. 

The pocket of air provides another layer for the heat to escape or enter your home, making it easier to regulate the temperature inside your house. 

8. Increases Property Value

Finally, adding insulated windows to your home will greatly increase your property value. While you will typically not get as much money back as you spent on the windows, you can expect about an 85% return on your investment. 

This means that if you spent $10,000 on new windows, your property value would increase by about $8,500. New windows are one of the most valuable improvements you can make to your home. 

To get the most out of your investment, make sure you choose high-quality materials for your windows, and you hire a professional company to install them. 

Get Insulated Windows Installed in Lafayette, IN

While most windows replacements will increase the value of your property, insulated windows provide many more benefits. Not only do they make your home more comfortable, but they will also increase your safety, help you save money, and more. 

To make sure you have the highest-quality windows installed, it is important that you hire a professional window company to help. 

Are you looking for new windows in Lafayette, IN? Freeman Exteriors can help! We provide window replacement and repair, and can help you find the best options for insulated glass. 

Contact our team to learn more about our services and to get started with your window replacement today!

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