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Day: July 15, 2022

Lafayette, IN Certainteed Siding & Gutter Repair
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Champaign, IL Storm Damaged Roof Repair

Champaign, IL This project was completed in Champaign, Illinois. The homeowners had wind damage due to a larger storm and the sheathing was spaced 1 by 2’s underneath meaning that the fasteners holding the shingle down may not have been going into anything. We came in and removed 2 layers of shingles, replaced the wood

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how long do windows last

How Long Do Windows Last? A Homeowner’s Guide

The Ancient Romans were the first to use glass for windows. Back then, glass wasn’t very clear or smooth, but it let light through and lasted a while, which was good enough for them. Today’s windows are quite different. Have you ever wondered, “How long do windows last?” We have the answer! Read on to learn more

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